RETROFLAG GPi Case Handheld


    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W
    • Portable
    • High Quality

Configuration: GPi Case - STANDALONE

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Play on the go with the Retroflag GPi case. Measuring at 135*81*32mm it is a little smaller and a little lighter at 178g. It is the perfect size and more comfortable to hold for extended periods of time than other handhelds. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W for the best speed vs size performance

The display is a 2.8 inch 320x240 backlit LCD which is ideal for gaming. The GPi display is large, bright and colourful.

There is a great D-Pad and four gaming buttons (as well as Start and Select) on the front of the case, and located on the back are two shoulder buttons. This gives the best compatibility with a range of classic gaming systems while not detracting from the case design.

Keeping with tradition the GPi case is powered by three AAA batteries, or you can use the supplied USB cable with your mobile charger or a phone power bank.

You can purchase the Retroflag GPi case standalone which does NOT come with a Raspberry Pi Zero W or Micro SD Card. Or you can buy a pre-built GPi case which includes a Raspberry Pi Zero W and 32GB Micro SD Card

Raspberry Pi 3B Specs

SoC: 1GHz, Single-Core CPU
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Storage: MicroSD/TF Card Slot - Included 32GB (Depending on the purchased model)

GPi Case Specs

Material: High Quality ABS
Features: Safe Shutdown/Reset
Product Dimensions: (L x W x H): 13.5 x 8.1 x 3.2 cm / 5.31 x 3.10 x 1.25 inches
Product Weight: 183gr / 0.40lb
Package Dimensions: (L x W x H): 12.60 x 15.00 x 4.50 cm / 4.94 x 5.90 x 1.77 inches
Package Weight: 240gr / 0.52lb
Note: Product's appearance and accessories may vary from our sold item. We always make sure that the item we sell matches our Product Description and Technical Specifications
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

RETROFLAG GPi Case Handheld

GPI Case , cracking little raspery pi zero addon

After watching and reading most of the reviews of this case , i still wasn't prepared for just how good this little case is. The screen is incredibly clear, the speaker surprisingly good and the controsl so far are fautless. get your Pi Zero or Zero W reday with an image, gety soem AA batteries and enjoy the retro fun.
I purchased from DroiX as i have purchased other devices in the past and never been let down with speed of delivery and the helpful forums.

Great piece of kit!

Superb piece of kit, great fun, well built and brilliant service from the team at droix!

I like the system


Awesome retroflag gpi

Ordered the Retroflag GPi case including Pi Zero and 32gb microSD. Unexpectedly it came with the pi installed and the microSD fully setup so I just had to add batteries and everything works flawlessly. Thanks very much.

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