GPD WIN 2 Windows 10 Gaming Portable Console


    • Designed for Gaming
    • Gaming Handheld Controllers
    • Intel Core™ m3-8100y
    • 8GB RAM / 256GB/512GB/1TB NGFF SSD
    • Dual-Band Wi-Fi w/ 1GB/s Ethernet Adapter via USB Type-C


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The GPD Win 2 improves on the first model with a newer faster Intel Core m3-7y30 up to 2.7Ghz processor and an Intel HD Graphics 615 running up to 900Mhz. This Windows 10 handheld has 8GB of LPDDR3-1866 RAM and a choice of 256GB/512GB or 1TB M.2 SSD storage.

Measuring just 162x99x25mm the GPD Win 2 features a 6 inch H-IPS display running at 1280x720 (267 ppi) with ten point multitouch touch screen. The display is vibrant and high definition, it can also be connected to a TV or monitor at a higher resolution. A full qwerty keyboard spans the lower half of the console for easy and fast typing.

The upper half of the base is for the GPD Win 2 gaming controls. The Win 2 improves on the original with dual analog joysticks manufactured by Alps, a D-Pad and four gaming buttons. On the shoulder of the device are three left and three right shoulder buttons made by Omron.

The gaming controls are perfect for gaming, especially with the dual analogue sticks for games on Steam. For retro gaming, the Digital Pad feels great and gives that precision control demanded by those games of yesteryear. There is also a switch to change between using the analog sticks as a joystick and mouse.

The GPD Win 2 games run very well and can enjoy Windows 10 PC games up to fairly recent releases. With some tweaking of the game settings you can play more recent games such as Far Cry and PUBG. 

GPD Win 2 retro gaming equally run amazingly well. You can emulate everything from Atari 2600 up to PlayStation and Dreamcast with ease. Wii emulation is possible and some games run at full speed. It is also possible to run some PlayStation 2 games such as Kingdom Hearts.

The Win 2 is a fantastic gaming and emulation console. You can enjoy the best of modern and retro games on one portable gaming device that is small, lightweight and very powerful.

OS: Windows 10 Home
Display: 1280x720 (267ppi) H-IPS 6” 10 Point Multi-Touch ; Gorilla Glass 4
Battery: 2x Li-Poly 4900mAh, In Series
Processor: Intel Core™ m3-8100y ; 2/4 Threads ; 3.4Ghz Turbo Freq
GPU: lntel HD Graphics 615 (300-900Mhz) ; DirectX 12 ; OpenGL 4.5
RAM: 8GB (LPDDR3-1866)
Storage (ROM): Replaceable M.2 SSD 256GB,512GB,1TB (Depending on the model you purchase) ; SATA 3.0 ; AHCI
External Storage: MicroSD Storage
USB 3.0: 1x USB Type-C 3.0 ; 1x USB Type-A 3.0
HDMI Output: Micro HDMI
WIFI: Support, 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n, 2.4G/5G Dual-band wifi, Maximum transmission rate of 867Mbps
Bluetooth: 4.1
Keyboard: Arc-shaped Metal dome array,QWERTY
Mouse: Support, GamePad/Mouse Mode Switch, Support Mouse 1 or 2 times Speed Switch
Joystick: Haptic Feedback Support, Originally Provided by Japan ALPS, Double 3D Joystick (Compatible With PSV Joystick)
Game Function Buttons: ABXY、△○×□ Double Character Print
Game Accessories Buttons: L1,L2,L3,R1,R2,R3. OMRON Microswitch
Headphone: 3.5mm Headset & Microphone
Microphone: Built-in
Accessories: Power Adapter, Manual
Dimensions: 162x99x25mm
Weight: 460g
Note: Product's appearance and accessories may vary from our sold item. We always make sure that the item we sell matches our Product Description and Technical Specifications
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent Handheld Computer

The GPD Win 2, although expensive, is a great little handheld PC. Its amazing what you can do with it. Its got a great screen, good controls and a useful Keyboard. Although it can't run the latest block buster AAA games, it can run a lot of older games, and its great for eumlation.

I have a 1TB SSD and a 1TB Micro SD in mine, so it has 2TB of storage space, I run a load of Steam Games, Uplay, Epic, Origin and I also use it for running the MAME emulator, PSP and Spectrum emulators, as well as a little GBA emulation.

GPD Win 2 - m3-81007 / 256 GB SSD

I’ve had my Win 2 just over 1 month, and I am simply amazed over the range of games I can run on this full blown mini Windows 10 laptop. I’ve installed my Steam and GoG clients, so I run favourites such as Tomb Raider 2013, Rocket League, Stellaris, Rebel Galaxy, and Broken Sword Series. It runs Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind with graphic enhancements mods beautifully. Using Emulation Station and RetroArch I can run my favourite Gameboy Advanced, N64, and PlayStation One games such as Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Crash Bandicoot, and Rayman. The built-in x-input controller works flawlessly with all these games. Additionally, I’ve installed ScummVM and DOSBox emulators to play old time classics such as Flight of the Amazon Queen, Beneath a Steel Sky, Old Infocom text based adventures such as Zork 1, 2 & 3, and DOS Graphics classics, including Return to Zork, Zork Nemesis and Zork Grand Inquisitor. There is also amazing support via various online forums / YouTube on how to install and configure many AAA games. I plan to try Elite Dangerous next!

Great for Windows games

I bought this mainly for playing Windows games and it runs great. Very happy with it.

Great product

I am very happy with the Win 2. I use it mainly for older Windows games and emulators. It works very well and have had no issues.

very happy

fast delivery and no issues so far. very happy.

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