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P86 Gaming-Kopfhörer

  • Bluetooth 5.1- Konnektivität – Kompatibel mit Android und iOS
  • Spielmodus integriert – keine Verzögerung
  • 20 Stunden Akkulaufzeit
  • IPX5 Wasser- und Staubdicht

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Nicht vorrätig

P86 Gaming-Kopfhörer P86 Gaming-Kopfhörer P86 Gaming-Kopfhörer P86 Gaming-Kopfhörer P86 Gaming-Kopfhörer P86 Gaming-Kopfhörer

Artikelnummer: P86-GAMING-EARPHONES Kategorien: , , ,
Bluetooth 5.1
Frequenz 24Ghz Band
Maximale Entfernung 15m (unter Standardbedingungen)
Kopfhörer Kapazität 30 mAh
Gehäuse Kapazität 250 mAh
Spielzeit Ungefähr. 20 Stunden (mit einem vollständig aufgeladenen Koffer)
Standby-Zeit Ungefähr. 80 Stunden
Gehäuse Aufladen Unterstützt 4 volle Ladungen
    • 1 * Kopfhörer
    • 1 * Auswechselbare Spitzen (S,M,L)
    • 1 * USB-Kabel
    • 1 * Ladekoffer

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Phil Arundell
Not perfect but incredible value

Firstly, the good: for the money, these are incredible ear buds: they fit well, are light and comfortable, have a long battery life and sound fantastic.
The not so good is they can be a bit fiddly in use: sometimes only one side will connect and I have to mess about putting them in and out of the case and turning Bluetooth on and off on my Aya Neo.
Also, sometimes they connect but the sound breaks up and I again have to mess about with Bluetooth to fix it. Once connected properly, though, they stay connected until I take them out so it's more of an inconvenience than a real issue and as I have already said, they represent ridiculously good value for money!

Franz Huber
Liking sound

I am very satisfied with the earphones for this price.

Chris Davidson
No good for game streaming

Nice ear buds. Unfortunately there is definite latency in the sound when I stream games on my device. This is probably the case with any BT device and I should have realised beforehand. I mainly stream so haven’t tried on installed game. Might be fine. I can still use them for the gym and they’re decent so it’s a happy ending.