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RETROID Pocket 2 Retro Gaming Handheld

  • Quad Core Cortex-A7 @1.5GH
  • Pantalla IPSde 640x480p
  • Sistema operativoAndroid 6.0
  • SalidaMicro-HDMI
  • Wi-FI/Bluetooth 4.0integrado

NOTA: El color 8Bit está agotado y disponible para pedidos pendientes (pago por adelantado)





El Retroid Pocket 2 es un dispositivo portátil de juegos retro que se distingue de la competencia por estar basado en Android (actualizable a Android 8.1), lo que le permite acceder a una enorme biblioteca de emuladores, juegos y aplicaciones ya existentes. Lo que lo convierte en un dispositivo de juego de mano realmente completo, perfecto para un entusiasta.

Con una CPU de cuatro núcleos Cortex-A7 a 1,5GHZ, 1GB de RAM y ARM Mali-4000 GFX, el Retroid Pocket 2 puede manejar una gran variedad de juegos, desde títulos de arcade retro, hasta dispositivos más modernos como las consolas de quinta generación.

El Retroid Pocket 2 cuenta con una pantalla IPS de alta calidad de 640x480p, que proporciona imágenes nítidas y claras en todos tus juegos retro. Esto está respaldado por una respetable batería de 4000mAh, que te permite jugar a gran calidad durante más tiempo.

La Retroid Pocket 2 también cuenta con botones sensibles y “clicky”, y un diseño ergonómico con una disposición asimétrica de los sticks, que permite jugar durante horas con comodidad.

La conectividad tampoco es un problema con el Retroid Pocket 2. Con Wi Fi y Bluetooth 4.0 integrados, así como un puerto Micro-HDMI y un puerto USB-C, conéctate sin problemas a una gran variedad de dispositivos sin dificultad. Retroid Pocket 2 - Game format accepted Retroid Pocket 2 - Display overview Retroid Pocket 2 - Product Showcase Retroid Pocket 2 - Product Specifiations Retroid Pocket 2 - Product Size Retroid Pocket 2 - I/O Ports Retroid Pocket 2 - TV Output Retroid Pocket 2 - Netplay function Retroid Pocket 2 - Battery Performance Retroid Pocket 2 - Showing dual-boot

Peso 550 g
Dimensiones 16 × 8 × 3 cm
Audio Output




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Display Size


GPU Model

RAM Tech



Storage Expansion


Video Output



Marca ARM
Modelo Cortex A7
Núcleos 4
Frecuencia 1,50 Ghz
Procesador gráfico
Interfaz Integrado
Marca ARM
Modelo Mali 400-MP2
Frecuencia 500 Mhz
Tamaño de la pantalla 3.5″
Tecnología IPS
Resolución 640×480
Tecnología Iones de litio
Capacidad 4000mAh
La vida Sistema operativo Android: Aprox. 4.5hr ; RETROID OS: Aprox. 6 horas (puede depender del uso)
Tiempo de carga Aprox. 2,5 horas
RAM (Memoria) 1GB LPDDR3
ROM (almacenamiento) 8 GB eMMC (5 GB disponibles) + tarjeta MicroSD de 64 GB
Ampliable A través de la ranura para tarjetas Micro SD/TF (máx. 128 GB); puerto USB tipo C
Interfaz de E/S
Vídeo Micro-HDMI
Audio Toma de auriculares de 3,5 mm
    • 1 * Cable USB Tipo-C
    • 1 * Adaptador de corriente
    • 1 * Manual de usuario

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Stuart Bignell
Nifty little device

Wanted to use my Retroid Pocket 2 a bit before leaving a review. Comes with a number of games available under the Retroid OS - most of these are fighting games, but couple of gems in there. Wasn't what I had got it for as wanted to re-play some of my older games.

The Android OS is a little difficult to navigate at first, and saving progress in game or changes to settings didn't work. Looked online for some FAQs and found out that need to save and close the emulator in the correct manner. Since then not had any problems and not lost a game save, and after using for a few days the menu screens become easier to navigate and can quickly jump into playing a game. Runs games smoothly up to PS1 and the battery seems to last for a long period of time between charges. You may need to charge at same time if playing for long periods of time with more graphic intense games.

Would recommend getting the screen protector and HDMI link cable at same time with this.

adam booth
RETROID Pocket 2 Retro Gaming Handheld

Nice little console.exactly as described.my only issue is that it crashes on several emulators,but i put this down to the actual emulators and not the console.looking forward to more purchases from Droix.

Shaun Pennington
Advanced Retro Mechanics

A really solid system with a learning curve. Not as simple to set up as the Anbernic retro devices. But once you set it up and learn how to use it, the Retroid Pocket 2 is a great retro device with a ton of uses.

daniel herbert
Awesome little device!

Amazing device! Emulates some systems that my pi based arcade! Takes a little but of setting up but once its done you don't have to do it again. Amazing service from droiX too super fast shipping and cheapest I could find in the UK! Will definitely be coming back

A tinkerer's dream!

If you want an inexpensive device to play the classic 16bit era stuff flawlessly, playable but glitchy N64/PS1 and choppy/sluggish DC/PSP with an option for HDMI out and WiFi for Retro Achievements then this is highly recommended. However it won't do this out of the box, you'll need to invest some serious time into setting things up and tinkering. DIG plus Retroarch works great for me. Now I'm past the tinkering stage and getting my portable Retro fix.