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    Questions Audio Dingoo A320 stereo x audio mono RS97 Plus

    Is the Audio on the Dingoo A320 superior to the audio on the RS97 Plus because the A320 has 2 stereo speakers?
  2. D

    No Audio / Sound From Phono / RCA Outputs (Left & Right) (White & Red)

    With this Version 2 of the T8-S Plus, when I connect the Phono / RCA Audio outputs (Left & Right) (White & Red) to a television, I do not receive any sound output at all, not even for the start-up animation logo. (I am using the latest firmware) With Version 1 of the T8-S Plus, I do receive the...
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    No sound in Android

    Hi, I have a sound issue when using the T8S Plus v2. As it's booting up and the DroidBox logo appears I get sound from that just fine. The same for when I use DroidBox Switch on use OpenElec. However within Android I get nothing. I've tried using an audio cable in the red and white slots...
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    Webcam audio

    Hi guys, Got an x7 with the droidbox webcam but cannot get the mic to work in any apps. The video is fine but the sound from mic is extremely low. There are also no audio-in devices showing in the settings. Running android 4.4.2 with ROM version 2.0.0. Underside of box states x7 v2.1. Are...