1. Dave C

    MOQI I7s Gaming Smartphone unboxing and demonstration

    The MOQi I7s Gaming Smartphone features an Eight Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 CPU with a massive 6GB RAM and 64GB storage and a Micro SD Card slot to expand the storage up to 256GB. The Snapdragon CPU is a high end processor designed with gaming in mind, featuring liquid cooling to give the best...
  2. Dave C

    RG350M Unboxing and demonstration

    We unbox and demo the soon to be released retro gaming handheld, the RG350M. The RG350M retro games console is an upgraded 2020 version of the best selling RG350 released in 2019. With it comes a metal alloy case, higher resolution 640x480 IPS display, low profile dual analogue sticks and dual...
  3. Dave C

    Retro Gaming System Console S Line Review

    If you are new to retro gaming and are looking for a plug and play retro gaming console then look no further. The Retro Gaming System Console S Line has everything you need to get up and running! You can read the review at...
  4. Dave C

    Details and where to buy the RG300

    You can find out more and buy the RG-300 from The DroiX RG300 Retro Gaming Handheld is the latest Portable Retro Gaming handheld released by DroiX. With a focus on Build Quality and Gaming Experience, we are confident the RG300 will cover...
  5. Dave C

    Giga Wing on the RS-07 Retro Arcade

    Giga Wing running on the RS-07 Arcade emulation and gaming device. Find out more and buy one at
  6. Dave C

    RS-07 Retro Arcade review

    Find out more information about the RS-07 Pro Arcade and buy yours at