1. Dave C

    MOQI I7s Gaming Smartphone unboxing and demonstration

    The MOQi I7s Gaming Smartphone features an Eight Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 CPU with a massive 6GB RAM and 64GB storage and a Micro SD Card slot to expand the storage up to 256GB. The Snapdragon CPU is a high end processor designed with gaming in mind, featuring liquid cooling to give the best...
  2. Dave C

    Retro Gaming System Console S Line Review

    If you are new to retro gaming and are looking for a plug and play retro gaming console then look no further. The Retro Gaming System Console S Line has everything you need to get up and running! You can read the review at...
  3. Dave C

    Full review of the RetroFlag GPi Case for Raspberry Pi

    You can find a full review of the RetroFlag GPi Case for Raspberry Pi which you can buy with just the case or pre-built with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and 32GB SD Card. You can read a review of it at You can learn...
  4. Dave C

    Boxing Day Sale

    Save 10% in our Boxing Day Sale which ends on January 1st 2019. All you need to do is enter the code DXBXNG10 in the Promotional Code box on the Checkout Page.
  5. Dave C

    FREE Shipping Week, and 15% discount on RS_97 and RS-07 devices

    FREE Shipping Week has started for all UK mainland orders at DroiX®. All DroiX® orders with a UK mainland delivery address, made before noon December 20th, will be delivered just in time for Santa to get it wrapped up and under the tree! Simply choose the "Two Day Delivery" option on the...
  6. Dave C

    Streets of Rage Remake (SORR) on RS-97

    Streets Of Rage Remake (SORR) running on the RS-97 emulation and gaming handheld. Don't forget you can win one of these in our Facebook giveaway at or find out more and buy one at #RS97 #SORR #gaming #giveaway...
  7. Dave C

    RS-07 Retro Arcade review

    Find out more information about the RS-07 Pro Arcade and buy yours at