1. N

    What Retro Handheld has the best software?

    I currently have the Retroid Pocket 2, RG300 and RG350m (selling the 350) but have not been totally taken with the software on any of them. Retroid Pocket 2 - Not a fan of Retroarch and have hit constant issues with controller mappings and roms stopping working and it crashing. I kind of...
  2. B

    Pacman and Ms. Pacman roms won't work on RG350M

    Hi all, new to the group...I recently bought the RG350M and so far I think it's an awesome handheld...Still trying to learn how alot of it works, especially shutting down each different emulator...For XMame, I have the 0.37b15 romset loaded into the folder marked xmame52...Most of the games work...
  3. f3ltonn

    batery indicator frozen

    hello, I have a 350M super console which works pretty well but the problem which is quite unpleasant is the batery indicator frozen at 100% and never goes down, would you have any ideas to solve this problem, thank you!
  4. Dave C

    RG350 and RG350M firmware beta v1.1

    New beta versions of the firmware for RG350 and RG350M have been released. Among the changes are beta support for the HDMI output. You can find information on how to update the firmware on our guide at https://droidbox.co.uk/how-to/how-to-update-rg350-and-rg350m-firmware-with-opk/
  5. Reisinger1

    Max. SD Card-Size (where all the ROMS are stored) on the RG350M?

    Hi! I‘m New here, and i have a question about the RG350M: It has 2 SD card slots. One for the system (max. 128 GB) and a second larger one (max. 256 GB) - and on second larger Slot where i can save all the ROM’s. Is this right? Or what is the maximum size (GB) of the SD card (where I can...
  6. S

    RG350M Issues

    Recently received the RG350M to replace my almost new RG350 which I liked but the button layout was a let down, the RG350M looked promising but having turned it on and loaded up a game I heard a slight popping noise within the speakers, I thought maybe this is a one off and I'll try a few more...
  7. Dave C

    FAQ and Guides for RG350 and RG350M

    This post will contain some common Questions & Answers and other information. Click on images for a larger version You can find additional guides such as formatting cards, reinstalling firmware, upgrading firmware, copying files and much more on our How To section. RG350 How To at...
  8. Dave C

    RG350M Unboxing and demonstration

    We unbox and demo the soon to be released retro gaming handheld, the RG350M. The RG350M retro games console is an upgraded 2020 version of the best selling RG350 released in 2019. With it comes a metal alloy case, higher resolution 640x480 IPS display, low profile dual analogue sticks and dual...