Grip GPD WIN 3 – Étui ergonomique en silicone pour le GPD WIN 3

  • Accessoire officiel de GPD
  • Conçu pour un jeu plus confortable
  • Conçu pour s’adapter à la console de jeu GPD WIN 3.

En stock (peut être commandé)


En stock (peut être commandé)

Étuiergonomique en silicone pour le GPD WIN 3. Minimaliste, ergonomique, fonctionnel. Idéal pour protéger votre WIN 3 contre les dommages accidentels. L’appareil est également plus agréable à tenir.

La silicone est le matériau de choix pour cet étui WIN 3. De ce fait, votre valise peut être utilisée dans un large éventail d’environnements. Comme il ne favorise pas la prolifération des bactéries et qu’il est un excellent isolant électrique, cet étui en silicone rend l’utilisation de votre appareil plus sûre.

UGS : GPD-WIN-3-GRIP Catégories : , GTIN: 5060763671676

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Ben Mach
Much more ergonomic and comfortable to hold

Definitely an essential if you own an GPD WIN 3, it improves the comfortably significantly.

M G Booth
works perfect for Aya Neo

Bought this for my Aya Neo and it works perfectly. You just need to remove the two small rubber bits either side of the USB..

Claus-Gunther Baumann
PC Games in your Pocket - almost ;)

First of all - I had a lot of handhelds in my 40 years of gaming experience. Exotic ones like the Atari Lynx, popular ones like Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita and last year I did get myself a Switch Lite. My GPD Win 3 is a total other caliber without wanting to make the others bad. But concerning quality of materials used and inside life of this little beast this is simply playing some leagues above. I did buy it in order to enjoy some games you just get for PC. And as I have simply no space for a PC and monitor - I already have the Playstation 4 and Xbox Series S connected to my TV - my decision was to get the GPD Win 3. And for me this one is the right choice. I love to feel the quality in my hands, I love the screen sliding up and using the keyboard and love to play atm American Truck Simulator. I think a lot more will follow but atm I'm totally fascinated with ATS. It looks amazing and compared with On the Road Next Generation Version on the Xbox Series S this one is also some leagues above. Fantastic Open world, super smooth gameplay and fantastic graphics despite playing not on the highest level. I could - but this shortens game time and the difference is not that big ..... so. Well think I gotta drive some miles again and wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :))

Jonathan Davies

Grip does its job well

Gareth Long
Fantastic machine and service from DroiX!

Brilliant little device, works really well and soundly built. Excellent service from DroiX, couldn’t have been more helpful.