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Retroid Pocket 2 Plus Retro Handheld

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  • Quadruple cœur Tiger T310 @ 2.0/1.8GHz
  • Écran tactileIPS 640x480p
  • Système d’exploitationAndroid 9
  • SortieMicro-HDMI
  • Wi-FI/Bluetooth 5.0 intégré

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Le Retroid Pocket 2 est de retour et plus puissant que jamais dans sa toute nouvelle itération, le Retroid Pocket 2 Plus!

Jouez sans effort à des milliers de jeux avec cet ordinateur de poche rétro très portable et très fonctionnel ! Grâce à la puissance du SoC Tiger T310, tirez parti de la puissance d’un processeur à quatre cœurs et de 2 Go de RAM LPDDR4x ultra rapide pour profiter de la meilleure expérience de jeu classique sur console portable !

Tout ce qui concerne le Retroid Pocket 2 Plus est meilleur qu’avant, y compris le logiciel ! Le Retroid Pocket 2 Plus est équipé d’Android 9 préinstallé. Vous pouvez jouer à de nombreux jeux Android parmi les meilleurs !

Et que serait l’une des meilleures consoles de jeu rétro sans un grand écran ? Cette petite console de jeu portable est dotée d’un écran tactile 480p de 3,5 pouces pour des images exceptionnelles dans tous vos jeux rétro.

Vous n’étiez pas satisfait des anciennes commandes ? Le Retroid Pocket 2 Plusest doté de boutons en caoutchouc conducteur pour ses boutons faciaux, ce qui permet des sessions de jeu plus confortables avec cette incroyable console de jeu rétro portable.

Vous avez besoin de divertissement pour les longs vols ou les trajets quotidiens ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin que le Retroid Pocket 2 Plus et son énorme batterie de 4000mAh. Profitez de jeux rétro de haute qualité pendant des heures et des heures avec une seule charge !




OS Android 9
Marque Unisoc
Modèle Tigre T310
Cœurs 4
Fréquence turbo 2000 MHz
Processeur graphique
Interface Intégré
Marque ARM
Modèle PowerVR GE8300
Fréquence turbo 660 MHz
Taille de l’écran 3.5″
Technologie Écran tactile
Résolution 640×480
Technologie Lithium-Ion
Capacité 4000mAh
La vie Système d’exploitation Android : Aprox. 4.5hrs ; RETROID OS : Aprox. 6 heures (peut dépendre de l’utilisation)
Temps de charge Aprox. 2,5 heures
RAM (mémoire) 2 Go LPDDR4x
ROM (stockage) 32 Go eMMC
Extensible Par fente pour carte Micro SD/TF ; Port USB Type-C
Interface E/S
Vidéo Micro-HDMI
Audio Prise casque 3,5 mm
    • Câble USB Type-C
    • Adaptateur secteur
    • Manuel d'utilisation

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Keenan Collymore
Great Device

I’ve absolutely loved this thing since it arrived, The build quality is impeccable. Having the Retroid launcher really helps it feel more than just an android device. I’ve had really good results with everything all the way up to GameCube so it ticks all my boxes.

Leighton Wood

I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and it’s been great. I was a complete beginner with emulators but I followed a YouTube and had this up and running really easy. Overall quality is top notch, it feels amazing to play. I currently have lots of GBA, NES, N64 and PSP games loaded and they run flawlessly. It’s a perfect blend between retro and modern and I will be carrying this everywhere I go now.

Brian Wright
Feels cheap but packs power!

After using the RG351M for a few months I decided to get the pocket 2+ and I wish I got this first, the build quality is no way near as good as the 351m and it’s a bit more fiddly to get going but it’s worth it for the power.
Runs all the games that the 351m struggled with ease. Happy with my purchase.

Excellent device at it's price

First off I would say this device lives up to expectations as long as your expectations are not too high! N64 will mostly run well, even flawlessly, of course this goes for anything older SNES / GB(C/A) Sega etc. There will however be some games that you may have issues with, often these can be fixed if you know how to tweak the settings (plenty of info available online).
I had an issue with formatting the SD as internal as it seemed to corrupt the card when I tried to read it on my PC. Neither Windows or Linux could read the card when it was formatted internally, I had to use it as 'external storage' but after that I was able to just drag and drop my games on the card.
The overall build is very nice, my only complaints would be the brightness range isn't amazing (although the device is plenty bright enough), so it wouldn't be ideally suited to playing in the dark or very sunny days outside but that's fine with me. The other thing is the buttons can feel just a little spongy.. These are rubber dome contacts, you wouldn't expect much else on a device at this price, overall the quality is good, it's simple to use at it's Android OS and has WiFi, Bluetooth and micro HDMI out. The colours of the screen are nice and stereo audio is punchy and good quality. Comfortable to hold, I like the way they've laid out the analogue sticks (which don't click in so you have no 'R3 / L3').
Overall I'm very happy with it, I would say that it's ideal if you want to relive the n64 era or prior but don't expect Gamecube to run. Some Gamecube games will run at near to full speed but many of the popular games will only run at maybe 50% speed on low resolution. If you want that kind of performance maybe check out the AYN Odin which is reasonably priced and may actually be a 5* choice compared to this.

Stuart Lamey
Pocket plus 2

If you don't like setting up systems and down loading games first don't buy it. If you do it great