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RG552 Console de jeu rétro par ANBERNIC

  • SoC RockChip RK3399 avec GPU Mali T860 MP4
  • 4 Go de mémoire LPDDR4 (RAM)
  • Écran tactile1080p+ IPS
  • Système d’exploitation Android 7.1
  • Batterie6400mAh, carte Micro SD 64GB

Note: L’article est en pré-commande et sortira le 21 décembre (facturé à l’avance).


En stock (peut être commandé)



Une nouvelle génération de jeux rétro est arrivée ! ANBERNIC entre en scène avec sa toute dernière console de jeu rétro, l’ANBERNIC RG552.

Le RG552 est alimenté par un SoC RockChip RK3399. Ce SoC est doté d’un processeur hexa-core qui tourne à une vitesse de 1,8 GHz, et d’un GPU Mali-T860. Le RG552 dispose également de 4 Go de RAM LPDDR4. Jouez à plus de jeux rétro à des résolutions plus élevées et à des taux de rafraîchissement plus stables que jamais !

Le stockage n’est plus un problème avec le RG552! Avec la carte eMMC 5.1 intégrée de 64 Go, et l’option d’utiliser non pas une, mais DEUX cartes microSD, vous pouvez gérer sans effort vos collections de jeux.

La nouveauté de la gamme RG est l’inclusion d’un écran tactile 10 points avec un affichage IPS 1920×1152. Cela va parfaitement avec le nouveau système d’exploitation Android 7.1, qui vous donne accès à des tonnes d’émulateurs et d’applications gratuits développés par la communauté. Pour ceux qui n’aiment pas Android, il est également possible de démarrer sur d’autres systèmes d’exploitation via la carte microSD.

Pour la première fois dans l’histoire d’ANBERNIC, le RG552 est une console de jeu rétro avec refroidissement actif. L’inclusion d’un ventilateur et d’un dissipateur thermique permet à cette console de jeux de rester ultra-froide lors de l’émulation des jeux les plus exigeants.

Même la durée de vie de la batterie a été prolongée ! Deux batteries de 3200mAh permettent de jouer pendant des heures sans avoir besoin de les recharger.

Le tout est enveloppé dans la coque en plastique léger caractéristique d’ANBERNIC, avec deux sticks analogiques et une série complète de boutons faciaux et d’épaule, pour un confort ergonomique et une facilité d’utilisation.

Poids 420 g
Dimensions 17 × 9.8 × 4.6 cm
Audio Output





Display Size

RAM Tech



Storage Expansion

Video Output




Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Khassad Fulla-Kay

Runs beautifully

Gary B

Console would not power up, tried live chat on Droix website the rep disconnected, tried phoning customer service number got no answer, emailed customer support got given the runaround back and forth for a week.
Eventually was forced to open a claim with PayPal to get my money back.
Faulty unit happens and is understandable, the atrocious nature of the customer service is not acceptable.

Hi there Gary!

We're terribly sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the experience you have had with us. We try our best to deliver a first-class customer experience with all after-sales support we provide, so it is highly regrettable that you have walked away with a negative perception of us.

Your initial contact with us was made on the 8th of January (a Saturday). As we are a small, UK based business, we do not operate on full capacity at weekends as our staff need time to rest, and we are only able to offer basic support via email during this period. If you had tried to call via phone during this period, it would not have gone through.

Despite this, we have replied to your emails within 24 hours and have attempted to help you troubleshoot the issues with the item, despite you threatening to lodge a PayPal claim from the very first email, and hurling abuse at our support staff constantly.

When it was clear that the issue was beyond what rudimentary troubleshooting could fix, we were more than happy to offer you a return for replacement (WITH a pre-paid, tracked shipping label), as you were within our 1-year warranty period. However, when we offered this, you immediately demanded two things:

The first of these being that we send out a replacement immediately, before we are able to receive the item or even confirm that you have dispatched it. Due to company policy (as a protection against fraudulent activity), we are not able to oblige this request.

The second being that we personally arrange for the item to be collected from your premises. We are typically unable to provide this, but as a gesture of goodwill and sympathy, after you had explained your circumstances, we were willing to oblige this. You also mentioned that you did not have a printer, so we were willing to send a printed label to your address too.

However, you continued to insist that we send out a replacement before you sent the original item back, while repeatedly being abusive. As we are not able to do so, we advised that you simply return the item for a full refund (which again, we were happy to arrange a collection for). But rather than just return the item to us for a full refund, you opted to open a PayPal dispute.

Because of how PayPal disputes are handled, it is up to the customer to return the item, meaning we would have to rescind our offer of a collection. We find it curious that you were able to promptly dispatch it to us despite the circumstances you had mentioned that were preventing you from sending us the item.

In the future, we would advise not ordering products online without a plan to potentially return them. As we are doubtful many, if any other online merchants would arrange for a collection at their own expense.

Kind Regards,

Samuel Adeniji
A very nice looking device

This device is really nice looking and the screen is very vibrant and a joy to behold. It ran the few games I threw at it smoothly and at full speed.

For my use case, I am looking at using the device as both a retro handheld device and a portable gaming console via Stadia. Two cons about this use case is its lack of integrated bluetooth and 5Ghz wifi, which makes it a deal breaker for me.

In case you are reading this review @Anbernic, make sure the next iterations of this device come with integrated bluetooth as well as 5Ghz WiFi. This is a must and a no brainer especially if these devices will be shipping with inbuilt android OS.

Other than the cons above and hence the 4 star rating, it's a highly recommended top-notched retro handheld device from Anbernic.


Great dual boot system, I’ve had a few Anbernic devices now and as usual, their build quality is fantastic although the software is typical Anbernic, once custom firmware is released by the community then this will purr. This is the most powerful system they’ve released so far and the screen is incredible, I’ve tried everything from 8-bit to Dreamcast and the graphics pop and the games play smooth thanks to the higher spec chip. The only criticism is that I wished they used stacked trigger buttons instead of their familiar side by side design but apart from that, another great system from Anbernic.

Tristan Staff
Lovely piece of kit

Whilst I’ve not had much use out of it yet, it is a lovely piece of kit. I’m coming from a Powkiddy Q90 and the hardware is such a huge step up and the screen is amazing. I’ve mostly been using the Linux side at present, mostly because I’m hopeless setting up retroarch, and everything works great. I did install some play store games I own that support controllers (Dead Cells being one) and they played brilliantly.
It isn’t the cheapest handheld but I originally bought my self a cheap handheld to see how I’d get on with these systems before going for a more premium device. If I’ve got to give a negative, as I chew my nails, getting the sd cards in and out is a pain.
Got this in the sale and it arrived quickly and well packaged.