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Anbernic Rg351p

Product as advertised ,fast delivery will use droix again *****

Better than expected

I've been doing a lot of research in to the RG351P. So decided to go for it. And decided that Droix was the place to buy it. Well I got that right. Brilliant service answered a few questions I asked and delivery was really quick with good tracking. The machine it's self is better than I expected even after reading the reviews that said it was a good Machine. Enjoying playing it and takes me back to my youth! Thanks again Droix.

a happy 40 year old retro gamer

I have being looking for the Anbernic RG280V some time but it was only available on AliExpress with lot of in side shops selling the handheld no Anbernic RG280V brand on the front of the handheld so it’s was clear that it was copy of the original well known websites that i will not name was the next choice but most was from China and same copy of the real one and expensive.I then googel a shop called DroiX.I didn’t want to open page because i thought it was Chinese shop how many times i past by the web page i don’t know just a thew weeks ago just open the page by chance to see and to my surprise handhelds with £ currency wait a minute is this a Uk shop i got very excited jumping around in my living room how did i miss this all months searching for the Anbernic RG280V and here it is a Uk website selling all the handhelds and some amazing stuff you can buy with confidence.I bought the RG280V and was delivered super fast you made a 40 year old very happy the handheld is just amazing with sd card and tons of games seriously this was money worth spending I am a happy 40 year old retro gamer sorry for passing by the website now i know if a new retro handheld comes out first stop is DroiX.You Rock!!!!!!!10/10

Does the job

Simply does the job, excellent product.


As I am new to the retro gaming scene I was unsure where to begin as there are so many handheld consoles on the market, without a shadow of a doubt I made the right purchase with the RG351P from the sturdy build to the smooth interface this is definitely a top bit of kit for the money. Service was top notch and will be sure to use Droix in the very near future I am sure.

DroiX Micro SD Card UHS-I TF Flash Memory Card

Great fun!

Very well built. I'm still trying to get used to all the buttons as I'm definitely not an expert at gaming but having fun trying.


Absolutely love this box. Best one i've purchased to date


I came across some issues installing games but I managed to figure it out.I play it on the way to work installed doom duke 3d and star wars dark forces such a good device

top notch

Really pleased with the build quality of this Anbernic RG351P, and emulation abiliities. But I'm more impressed by DroiX after sale support, having bought the item in the last days before Brexit new taxes for us continental customers, just when transports were really difficult between UK and my country. Droix really softened the issues.

Another great device from Anbernic!

I order the RG351P, to upgrade from my original RG350, and what a difference! From the performance, to the screen to the software. A great device and a great customer service :)

Ching Ching

Excellent.. the build quality is astronomical, it’s got a nice weight to it the sound is reasonable screen great, the wifi don’t work tho the Anbernic is the best handheld I’ve held. Ching Ching

Amazing Handheld!

I've spent a fair while emulating old consoles at home using my Raspberry Pi setup, but I'd always wanted a pick-up-and-go solution. The RG351P fits the bill perfectly! I'd recommend replacing the stock firmware with ArkOS for best results, plus I'd recommend a replacement branded SD card, but being able to switch between GB, MD and PSX games on the fly has certainly made my daily commute a lot more enjoyable.

GPD WIN Max | Windows 10 Gaming Handheld

Beelink Mini PC with windows 10

Great little PC and perfect for doing school work at home on tv. Purchased just in time for second lockdown. Highly recommended. Great customer support from Droix also. Thanks so much.

Works a treat.

I am pleased that I chose this T12, so far it works really well. It runs much faster than I expected.

It was easy to set up, the instruction booklet was a nice helpful resource, even though I did not need it, but for someone new to computers it would be useful.

The first thing I did was pop the top off and install an ssd drive for all my music.

Pros: great price, excellent build quality, easy to setup and add ssd.
Cons: the fan is really noisy, it runs on and off, sometimes on for a few seconds then off for a few seconds. It would be better if the fan ran constantly at a slower speed.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! I am going to record a video of it and add it to my new channel as I could not see one online already.

I am using it on a 42", I had to download new radeon software to get it to fit the screen but that is all.

The blue LEDs on the front look great too. Nice design.

Very Good, Ultrabook, Portable Laptop

PRO: This is a very good little laptop, works as expected, the touch screen and mouse pad is a massive plus
CON: Would have been excellent if it is a YOGA version, got everything except being Yoga

Just what the doctor ordered!

So I recently bought a couple of Chinese knockoff ps3 controllers to play with my Rpi4 and I never could get them to connect. They were bluetooth and for some reason they wouldn't work no matter what I tried, so I sent them back. I still needed controllers and decided to do more research to find wireless controllers that weren't bluetooth connect, that way there's no issues. After a lot of searching online I found out about the R1 and decided to investigate some more. After reading about it and checking out a few reviews, I decided to purchase a couple of these and boy am I glad I did! These are probably the best wireless controllers for your Retropie in the price range. They're certainly the best ones I've found BY FAR. And because they use a usb dongle, connection is a breeze. You can start playing IMMEDIATELY as soon as you plug in. The buttons and D-pad and analogs are all great. I would certainly recommend to anyone with an RPi4 to pick one or two of these up!

RG351P Retro Gaming Handheld


Fantastic little handheld that Is a great quality build

Supreme quality

This little box is a performance killer for its money. You can no go wrong with that.
Perfect for 4K streaming, which i mostly use it.
Also the Droix customer service helped me so much with order issues, i have only the best impressions for this company.

A95X Max Android TV box
A95X and King pro box

We have both units and apart from issues with remotes and power button to turn on snd off they both work great. We recently had an event with the A95X which suddenly on boot up decided to freeze and flash a grey/ black screen. Sticking a cocktail stick into audio jack while powering up allowed us to reset to factory default and we got the nice red room and 2 red chairs to start reloading VPN, security snd Apos. Apart from running different versions of Android there is not a great deal of difference in both

MOQi I7s Android Gaming Handheld

Spot on

Great stuff, plenty of games pre installed that compliment the rg280v perfectly.