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TX6 Android 9 TV BOX

• DroiX i9 Mini Keyboard

very good device

I have a number of emulations systems made in china and this is definitely the best and most powerful. Recommended.

Rg350 Love it.

Superb little handheld I can’t get enough of it. I’m just having a bit of trouble getting more PS1 games downloaded onto it. Other than that it’s perfect.

nice air mouse

Easy and quick to use ,better then keyboard for adding addons and searches

Great Box

Very good box,suits our needs for tv,we now have 2 boxes ,delivery was good and advice from company was very helpfull

One Netbook Mix 3S Platinum Edition

Very satisfied with this tiny beast. Super fast, super portable.

Only issue is because of the tiny dimensions the unit temperature can get quite high, as well as the mouse/trackpad is very difficult to use ( i have a very slim/portable external bluetooth mouse )


Came filled with lots of games! Worked like a charm for the RG 350!

Great pad

Very usefull pad and fun

Very nice!

Quite the capable device! Was able to run most games very smoothly!


I'd give it 6 starts if it supported n64... But no problem!

It's not a simple plug and play if you want to load your own games, but a bit of googling should help you.

Plays ps1 roms like a dream, no problems yet. Plays vigilante 8 flawlessly, compared to quite a few pc emulators that gave me jip. So I imagine it can cope with any game.

The console itself plays really well, buttons spaced out perfectly etc.

Really good

But you're probably going to want to put cleanrom on there!

Good little case and included for free!

Great Console

I think this is a great console and in the few days since I've got it I've spent hours of playing many good old games. My only reason for a 4 star review is that the package description is misleading as it states that there will be an MicroSd card bundled with the console but it is just the console. Stilll, this is a great product.

The Android streaming gaming back I’ve ever brought

Just brilliant

GPI Case , cracking little raspery pi zero addon

After watching and reading most of the reviews of this case , i still wasn't prepared for just how good this little case is. The screen is incredibly clear, the speaker surprisingly good and the controsl so far are fautless. get your Pi Zero or Zero W reday with an image, gety soem AA batteries and enjoy the retro fun.
I purchased from DroiX as i have purchased other devices in the past and never been let down with speed of delivery and the helpful forums.

I like it

I bought the RG 350 mostly for the PS1 emulator, which works perfect.
Great price for this device.

Excellent product

Fast delivery and a good little box, tiny compared to what i expected and so powerful too

Addition card came with handheld

Really great addition to an already super handheld the RG350

Super Retro Handheld

So good this is the second i paid for.SD a welcome addition..nothing more to say..plays PS1 and more..just buy..

Just Buy!

Love this little handheld. I've flashed it to CFW 1.5. Screen is bright and speakers are decent. Buttons nice and clicky and analogue controllers precise and sensitive.

RG350 Retro Gaming Handheld

• White Earphones

• White Earphones

• DroiX Micro SD Card UHS-I TF Flash Memory Card

Best retro gaming device

This is by far the best under 100GBP device :)