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TF memory card class 10

Arrived on time which was great and done the job. Complete satisfaction.

High Quality

No flaws with this device whatsoever. Fantastic screen.

Anbernic's best yet

I have to commend Anbernic on the build quality of the RG351. This feels premium and with the Switch style analogue sticks, you'd be be forgiven if you thought this wasn't released by Nintendo or Sony. I own the 350P and 280V both of which have similarly high or desirable form factors. I Also bought the Odroid go advance (of which this is a premium clone) the Odroid unfortunately suffered with poor build quality as it was essentially a DIY handheld. The RG351 improves on it; and with its GameCube/GBA aesthetic, is very impressive and probably the best handheld in its field. It won't emulate everything perfectly and the screen resolution is testament to this, but if you enjoy setting up and tinkering with Retroarch, you can achieve decent results. You can get most stuff from Atari 2600 up to PlayStation working flawlessly. I highly recommend installing ArkOS as your OS due to its better compatibility with Dreamcast and Saturn emulation. Highly recommended!

great box

Just upgraded from a hyperstream box as i got fed up of freezing on iptv,,this is so much faster and more reliable,,no more freezing every 5 mins watching a match.Thank you Droix for saving my sanity.

Best box I have bought.

This is my third Beelink GT KING, I changed all my boxes to the GT KING. The WF is excellent very strong throughout the house, highly recommend.

RETROFLAG NESPi 4 DIY Retro Gaming Console

Gret Retro

Bought this for my son who grew up with the early consoles and he loves it!!!

A great little device

Thanks Droix for the speedy delivery. This little handheld has a fantastic display and feels like a quality product. I’d recommend to upgrade to ArkOS from the stock distribution, newly available, but it runs well enough without any changes.


Super fast shipping to Canada. Well pleased with my new rg351v.


Very nicely surprised at the quality of this handheld. It feels solid and chunky, with good button responses.

For those that don't want to tinker with the firmware or set up, this is a perfect introduction to retro handheld gaming. It comes pre-loaded with the EmuElec GUI, and a significant number of games for multiple systems. It's possible to switch it on and start playing straight away, without having to tweak settings. I've had an Anbernic 350P previously, and this is much more user friendly for the novice.

Obviously, gameplay can be improved by reading and watching Youtube videos, and it's possible to flash the handheld with a number of alternative images, but I suspect the majority of us just want something to pick up and play, when they have a few spare minutes. This fits the bill, and brings back lots of fond memories of my youth !

Also, shipping from Droix was quick and efficient. No worries about customs, or shipping delays.

Great device

Works as it should with good build quality.
Customer service exceptional as always


First Retro device and I love it!! So many games and all the old favourites!!! Great fun!!! Screen seems bigger than it is and does show off the Games very well! Good size and comfortable to hold. Postage to Ireland was so fast aswell, very impressed!!!!

ANBERNIC RG351V Retro Gaming Handheld

This is Amazing!

The title says it all! Literally does everything I want for the price I wanted to spend. I work in the retail business and can appreciate the turn-around time of the unit getting shipped in a timely manner! Kudos for Droix! I will be purchasing all my retro gaming units and accessories from them for now on!


Even though this thing will emulate a ton of systems I use it mainly as a GBA. Essentially what you have here is the greatest GBA ever created, the screen is gorgeous and the build quality is rock solid, no mushy DPAD or missed clicks on the buttons. Everything feels really well put together. The OS is great (I created a clean install so I could start from scratch) and Retroarch is reasonably straightforward to use.
Over the years I've bought quite a few of these sort of emulation handhelds and I've always been disappointed with the results, either the emulation is poor or the hardware is naff (nearly always a crap DPAD). This is the first one that ticks all the boxes and becomes a genuine replacement for my GBA SP AGS101. Buy one, you wont regret it.

Old style

Had it for over a week and pleasantly surprised with what it can do and play- brings back all the old memories. Would have no hesitation recommending the RG351M or Droix .Delivery was as described(order).


The fifth android box i've had and by far the best. No waiting for it to arrive from China so took 4 days. Pretty much plug and play with decent build quality and a cracking 'air' remote. Lightning fast in action and came with all the useful apps installed. Also got good support online from the sellers. Highly recommended.

Great Device

Really happy with my RG351P, immediately installed 351ELEC and added my ROM collection, everything up to PSP is playing absolutely flawlessly. PSP is hit and miss with frame rate, Tony Hawk's Project 8 and LittleBigPlanet play perfectly but other games are choppy. Build quality is great, screen is great and perfect for 2x GBA scaling. Really happy with my new device

ANBERNIC RG351M Retro Gaming Handheld

MOQI i7 Android Gaming Handheld Smartphone

Great handheld.

Upgraded this from my RG350....it plays the same..but the form factor is sweet...that extra screen size makes all the difference to me as I thought the 350 screen was a touch small for my liking..oh the whole great handheld..if you have the RG350 type machine maybe not a major upgrade..but to me am not going back to the RG350

Beelink Gt King

I am not an expert on TV boxes but it's quick to load up and works really quickly with excelant picture quality.

Fantastic little device that's easy to modify

This device can handle anything from the PS1 era and back with ease. It's also fantastic for playing GBA games because of its form factor.
Two upgrades that I think are essential to do after getting the device is getting a good quality micro SD card (the one included has been known to fail easily) and also flashing a custom firmware (I'm using 351elec but ArkOS is also popular).
I can't recommend the guides by https://retrogamecorps.com/ enough! They will help you to get the most out of this device.

I have been very pleased with this purchase.