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Great Remote

I knew that this remote wouldn’t let me down for the functions that I needed for my android devices. Does everything you would want. So impressed I’ve got a total of four!

My favourite device for retro gaming and emulation

Really happy with the device as a newbie to handhelds this is great, works out of the box optional upgradable firmware. The quality is good screen is clear and bright. Sound is loud and in stereo. Runs ps1 emulation amazingly runs everything I've thrown at it.
Very happy buyer.

GPD Win 2 - m3-81007 / 256 GB SSD

I’ve had my Win 2 just over 1 month, and I am simply amazed over the range of games I can run on this full blown mini Windows 10 laptop. I’ve installed my Steam and GoG clients, so I run favourites such as Tomb Raider 2013, Rocket League, Stellaris, Rebel Galaxy, and Broken Sword Series. It runs Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind with graphic enhancements mods beautifully. Using Emulation Station and RetroArch I can run my favourite Gameboy Advanced, N64, and PlayStation One games such as Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Crash Bandicoot, and Rayman. The built-in x-input controller works flawlessly with all these games. Additionally, I’ve installed ScummVM and DOSBox emulators to play old time classics such as Flight of the Amazon Queen, Beneath a Steel Sky, Old Infocom text based adventures such as Zork 1, 2 & 3, and DOS Graphics classics, including Return to Zork, Zork Nemesis and Zork Grand Inquisitor. There is also amazing support via various online forums / YouTube on how to install and configure many AAA games. I plan to try Elite Dangerous next!

Great piece of kit!

Superb piece of kit, great fun, well built and brilliant service from the team at droix!

Perfect brilliant for what I needed

Great quality product, looks and feels amazing quick and easy delivery. Highly recommended

256gb that actually works!

Finally, an affordable and truly 256gb card with descent speed that actually works.
Very, very happy with the purchase, just keep in mind you will receive only the micro sd card (no adapter, no packaging). But then again for only 20£ its a bargain!

Exellent rg350

Had the rg350 for a week now and really impressed . Build quallity is exellent as is ease of use

Great little device

Great little device had the LDK bit cramped for my hands..this is nice size with decent size screen..Easy to update..and the 64gb card a welcome addition..well done Droix..

I like the system


Great machine, great service

Great performing machine, excellent customer service.

Great little arcade system

Excellent selection of games and will be loads of fun for a kids Christmas gift.

Nice item

I purchased this stylus for my One Netbook Mix 2s. Working like a treat! Good service from DroiX will buy again.

Brilliant. And amazing service!

This unit is brilliant. I've been playing on these little things for a long time. Since games were loaded onto old SMC cards. This device is the best one yet. Easy to use, easy to navigate etc and fits well into massive hands.
The problem is not playing on it! Hence the lateness of this review!
Love it. And amazing service from Droix!
Highly recommended!

Best PS1 Handheld

a step up from the previous retrogame handheld. Well worth purchasing for decent ps1 emulation. Not all games work, but a large number of the PS1 emulate well. I'm sure firmware updates will improve. Not a bad screen, one of the better ones. About the size of a mobile phone, so very easy to drop in a bag. Battery life pretty good, usb c charging is not bad.

RG350 Classic Gaming Handheld,

It came with hundreds of games and a micro card with games on bought it for are grandson how loves it easy to use would recommend it.

Product received as described and prompt. Had the RG350 handheld system for a couple of weeks and really impressed with it!

Great little device

Really happy with my bittboy
Great device plays pretty much all ps1 games
Love the look and feel of it also
Outstanding 5* service ordered at 2pm
Got it next day

Great Box

Fast, reliable and latest android, at least all the apps work including Sonos


I got the GPD P2 Max and its such a great little machine. Its fast and fits perfectly in my bag. Love it!
Great service from droidbox. Good communication and fast delivery. A very happy customer!

Fabulous Retro Machine

After purchasing a number of retro handhelds the RG350 is the real deal. Fast emulation and very easy to extend/hack as you need. Only downside really is the HDMI output doesn’t work yet, it is apparently due to be enabled in software at some point. Don’t let that discourage you though it’s a fantastic little device - it won’t disappoint.

I given 5 star

RG350 item good one.

Almost the perfect retro gaming handheld

Absolutely blown away with the quality of the device AND the performance. Shipping was super quick to the USA as well which was nice. The RG350 has had no issues with anything I've thrown at it, so far Sega CD, Neo Geo, SNES, Genesis and PlayStation 1 have played perfectly with no frame skip. I always use Super Castlevania and Parasite Eve as my test games and both performed fantastic

Great Retro

It came fast. The device is not pre installed with games. I play SNES, GBA, PS1 games on it. N64 is not working good.

Hdmi tv out is not working, the seller said waiting for manufacture to finish with the driver.

The sd card can support 128 gb. You need to format it to FAT32.

So far so good. I am happy with it.

Thank you for your review. The N64 emulator is a very early version that is not part of the official or custom firmware, so it is not something that is supported by us until it is officially released.
Retro heaven

The RG350 is one of the best retro handhelds to come out of China so far and any issues seem to be being sorted with firmware updates, I'm more than pleased with my purchase.

fast delivery better than rg300

really nice hardware,with fast delivery! finally snes games plays amazing like kirby super star and yoshi island!.it also plays the ps1 games amazing.