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The USB wifi dongle works great does get hot and I don't recommend transferring too many files all at once as, at least with ArkOS, this can lock the system. The screen protector fits seamlessly onto the screen.

Nice hardware

Since my useage is 100% practical (no gaming) this little box is a positive gem. Adequate RAM and expadable storage. Since installing linux, for programming, office use, and online shopping et all,it does every thing I ask of it with head room to spare. I haven't tried anything that puts serious strain on it,s speed but I would think it lively enough to hold it,s own. As a work tool I give it a positive thumbs up.

Fantastic little system

Had a Pocketgo before and it was pretty good, this is on another level though. So simple to use and customise. I have a custom firmware on it and playing all sorts of platforms. Plays PES on PSP perfectly. Buttons are responsive and the screen is amazing, highly recommend it

Anbernic RG351M Retro Gaming Handheld

Brilliant product very happy was delivered the next day would definitely recommend

RG351M Handheld Retro Gaming Console by ANBERNIC

Very good! virtually any game you throw to this thing it will run just fine :)

The computer is really fast and have more than enough power for demanding tasks. I'm really happy with it thank you very much!

Really happy

The console was dispatched really quickly and came in perfect condition. Came with a free screen protector which I didn't expect, and the screen looks amazing when playing games. I changed the system to 351elec which I would recommend, this system plays dreamcast and N64 really smoothly. Thanks Droix :)

Love it!

Loving this handheld, recommend if you want to play retro games, love the colour options too!

Best small Win10 devise

I've been using this laptop for 4 days. I bought it to be more autonomous in my work, because my old laptop was to heavy for my trips.
Some applications you`ll have to scale (Telegram, browser tabs etc), but that's not a problem for me.
Despite some Cyrillic characters can be typed only via Fn button, the keyboard is awesome and I am already used to it.
After my last laptop, its a little hard for me to deal with a higher screen brightness -- its more like a phone`s, not like a laptop`s screen. But I like it anyway.

So, Micro PC is defenetly the best device that I`ve ever had!

Superb retro hand-held

The RG351M, is a superb hand-held After a little research and reading reviews both on here and elsewhere I took the plunge and went In and got one and have to say I wasn't disappointed great little machines. Also Droix have been great to communicate with and answered any questions I had and was very helpful. Delivery was fast to. So if your looking for a great hand-held with tons of games this is the one for you I highly recommend Droix to all. 5 star plus

Packed full

Great addition to tje rg350 plenty to choose from. Customer service was great from start to finish delivery was also great and after care support great.
So all in all a great purchase well worth tne money. Highly recommend

Great little PC, Very quiet and Very fast, Have installed a 1TB SSD for extra storage as well, Nice not having all of the noisy fans my old desktop had, It's weird working in silence :)

Reliving my childhood

A stunning bit of equipment, and no fights on which console was the best, I have them all!

Great for older 8-bit gamers

I'm really pleased with my Retroid Pocket 2. I especially love the dual boot system, so you can boot into the Retroid OS and just start playing with the ample number of games provided. Then, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you can boot into Android and start tinkering with the Retroarch config. As an "older" retro gamer, I wanted to play some of the older 8-bit games on emulators for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. With some time spent in the Retroarch settings, these can be configured quite easily. There's plenty of blogs and videos out there to help you.

I like that this device will appeal to both users who want to install extra emulators and those who don't want to be bogged down in any technical stuff.

Plus I can't fault the build quality either. It's very very good.

Fantastic bit of kit

Love it. And great service from DroiX. Would use them again

Haris Khan

Always been a console gamer
Was getting fed up with the switch and lack of content.
Buying this is totally worth it as can play all my Game Pass Xbox games and have lots of games I have bought of Steam.
The device it self is a work of art and runs as smooth as butter.

Ideal small form factor PC

Ideal for my application to provide a headless PC accessed only via a remote desktop (using NoMachine)

The best pc handheld

Woooow well what can I say I really love it, fast delivery and thank you guys for including 65w UK charger for me 😊 am very happy and will definitely use you guys again 👏😀

Great retro hand-held

This is the second retro gaming hand-held
I've purchased from droix and have to save I'm very impressed from the build quality to the software and ease of use.
Communication was great and helpful any questions answered everything explained clearly and delivery was fast ordered on a Wednesday received the rg350m on the Thursday. Would highly recommend and if you on the fence don't be this is a great hand-held.


Small but powerful and efficient

Very nice solution

Does exactly what it should and does it while looking nice and tidy on my desk.
Have it currently set up with an hdmi out to a much larger screen and a USB keyboard and mouse so I can use it as a desktop even managed to get the win 3 screen to turn off as standard when docked and output a little better performance when it have the extra power to use from being plugged in.

ANBERNIC RG351M Retro Gaming Handheld

A brilliant and versatile device that's unbeatable for the price

The RG351M is a great, low-priced retro handheld for just about everything up to the PS1 (and slightly beyond, if you don't mind performance taking a bit of a hit). It works great right out of the box, and some very, very simple tweaks to the OS allow you to customise it to your heart's content. I highly recommend exploring 351Elec as the OS, and integrating both Screenscraper (for things like boxart and game videos) and RetroAchievements (if you want to add some additional challenge to your gaming).

For the price, this also feels incredibly premium. Buttons are responsive and provide good feedback, and the sticks work well. The d-pad is the only downside, with diagonal movements almost impossible to pull off effectively - hopefully something Anbernic can address in a future iteration.

Generally, I couldn't be happier with it.


It's good for me, for what I do with it.

Great customer service

I ordered one of these and it came in broken and the customer service was great they had me send mine back in and 2 days later I had a new one. This thing functions great and was easy to learn have already had 3 other people want to buy one after showing them.