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Gameforce Chi Retro Gaming Handheld Console

  • Rockchip RK3326 @ 1.5GHz
  • 640x480p IPS Display
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Note: The MicroSD Card comes only with EmuELEC installed


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A new retro gaming handheld has entered the scene! The GameForce Chi is a horizontal handheld retro games console manufactured by GameForce.

The GameForce Chi is powered by the reliable and proven performer – the Rockchip RK3326, capable of running at speeds of up to 1.5GHz. Alongside that, there is also 1GB of DDR3L memory for improved performance in games. As seen in other retro gaming handhelds, these specifications allow the GameForce Chi to run a large variety of retro platforms with minimal issue, including 5th generation home consoles and 7th generation handheld consoles.

For storage, the GameForce Chi sports a microSD card slot that supports cards of up to 512GB in size, allowing you to easily store and switch between tons of games simultaneously on this retrogaming handheld.

A 3.45-inch 4:3 480p TFT IPS screen paves the way to crisp, high quality gaming visuals despite being a hand held console., and there are also togglable back-lit buttons for more comfortable usage in a variety of light conditions.

The design of the GameForce chi is very retro-inspired, and comes in many different bright, eye-catching colours. This is combined with a very sturdy plastic shell and responsive high-quality buttons to ensure you have an excellent retro gaming experience with this handheld game console no matter what platform you choose.

The GameForce Chi also features built-in Wi-Fi functionality to enable access to several additional features, such as online play via RetroArch, and the ability to directly scrape for game meta-data (box art, screenshots, etc.), allowing for a truly comprehensaive and personalized collection of games on your retro games console.

    • 1 * USB Type-C Cable
    • 1 * User manual