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It's kinda hysterical, I keep getting these emails from y'all, asking me to review the item I've yet to receive. When I ordered the item 2 WEEKS AGO TODAY, I clicked on the tab that read "DHL EXPRESS' and was told by the helpful folks on your chat that I should expect it in 2-4 DAYS. Imagine my shock and horror when I saw that it was shipping "Royal Mail" and then handed off to the USPS where it has sat FOR 2 WEEKS with NO CHANGE in the TRACKING INFO. In the time that I've sat, rather impatiently, wait for my unit to arrive A NEWER MODEL OF THE RG350 has BEEN RELEASED. So, in closing, I'm super-f-ing pissed at what an impossible cock-up this purchase has become. I'd be happy with my $$ refunded, but I cannot seem to get a straight answer from ANYONE, other than "rest assured, we're commited to getting this resolved." That was yesterday, I've heard nothing back today.

It’s in CHARGE

The box is rigged up to my LG smart tv as was my old unit but not like my old unit every time I try to use other units either turned on manually or hand set what are connected to the tv the box turns on and takes over so now it’s disconnected from the power until it’s needed

Hi there! We're sorry to hear you've encountered issues with the device - would you be able to go into the settings for the box that check that HDMI CEC is disabled? This may fix your issue!


Family sat down to watch a film from the hard drive, a 3rd of the way through the film froze. Ive had it less than a week.

Dudes - stop asking me for reviews

I love the product, its awesome but I asked for it for Christmas and I won't get it till then, so can't review it any more than I have.

Not as good as the sheild

Not sure why a review here says the nvidia shield has a locked version of the play store because it doesn't. And not sure why they say you can't sideload an nvidia shield, because you can.

This box is basically the same as an nvidia shield, for about the same price. But worse build quality, lesser known brand with worse quality control. It does however have much better I/O.

Thanks for the review, Sam! We're sorry to hear you're dissatisfied with the build quality of the device, but pleased that you find the I/O options to be satisfactory.

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