What is an Android Box?

X96 Mini Android 7 Nougat Smart TV BOX - With IR Remote
X96 Mini Android 7 Nougat Smart TV BOX - With IR Remote

You might have come across the term “Android box” when looking for a new device that you can watch TV with. Android boxes have grown massively popularity since their conception many years ago, so we at DroiX felt we would take a short blog post to explain what exactly one is.

To start with, an Android Box is not a set-top TV box.
That is to say, it is not like a Sky Box, TiVo Box, or similar, wherein you connect directly to a provider’s network and can browse their channels at your leisure by switching between channels.

An Android Box is more like a mobile phone that is shaped like a set-top TV box, but without the ability to connect via a Mobile Network (wi-fi only). This means that in order to watch your TV shows, you will need to download and install apps onto the device, much like you would on a mobile phone. This is typically through the Play Store, although in most cases you can side-load apps too.

“So, what can I do with an Android Box?”

A huge number of things! As stated before, an Android box is essentially an Android phone, but in the form of a set-top box.

The most common use for an Android box is of course to act as a…

Streaming Device

The primary draw for Android boxes is that they are often a cheap and versatile solution for those looking to stream their TV shows and movies from a variety of services. Such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video*, and many more!

The GT King Pro is a strong contender for this purpose, featuring improved audio output making for an overall better experience compared to other devices.

*Note that certain apps may not function on all Android devices.

Media Centre

On top of being a streaming device, most android boxes can function as a media centre in general. Using the internal storage (or any expansions that the device supports), you can store a variety of music and videos on the device.

The GS-King X is (at the time of writing) essentially the prime example of this. As it has space for full-sized hard drives, it can function as a fully-fledged NAS on top of all the regular Android Box functions.

Digital Signage

Android boxes are perfect for digital signage solutions, due to their low cost and ease of installation. You would download or side-load an app that is designed for digital signage operation, tuck the android box away somewhere safe, and leave it running as long as necessary!

The models most suited for applications like this would be mid-range ones such as the DroiX X3 and the X96 Max+.

In the market for an Android Box of your own? Check some of the ones mentioned in the article below, or view our full range at this link.

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