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Pre-orders for the GPD WIN Mini 2024 are now open! Featuring the new 8840U & 8640U CPU and 120Hz display. Don't miss out – order now!

Everything we know so far on the Anbernic RG556 retro gaming handheld.

The Anbernic RG35XX Plus pre-orders are now open! Be first in line for the latest budget portable gaming console

The Retroid Pocket 4 and 4 PRO have officially been announced after some weeks of teasers. Here's all we know about them both.

The AYA NEO Pocket Air pre-orders now open! Experience next-gen gaming with its powerful CPU, stunning AMOLED display, and sleek, portable design.

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Here are the latest GPD shipping dates for GPD WIN MAX 2 2023, GPD WIN 4 2023 and GPD WIN Mini.

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DroiX has joined forces with Acepc, a renowned leader in the mini PC market, to bring their cutting-edge products directly to our valued customers.

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The AYN Loki and AYN Loki Max pre-order are now open!

Grab your popcorn, we have the brand new BudPlus S3 projector at DroiX!

Learn about our new range of USB hubs and docking stations for mini PC, handheld gaming PC's and more!

We are pleased to announce that the GPD WIN 4 2023 pre-orders are now open!

The AOKZOE A1 Pro pre-orders have started! Get to the front of the queue and pre-order now!

The GPD G1 pre-orders have started for this amazing docking station with graphics card inside!

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Important news regarding the GPD WIN 4 refresh rate bug, how to fix it, or if you bought from us, we can fix it for you.