AYN Odin Pro Review - Awesome Android retro gaming handheld
GPD WIN Mini Pre-orders
Retroid Pocket 2S Review
GPD WIN 4 2023 7840U and 7640U review with benchmarks


In our AYN Odin Pro review we check out this high performance retro gaming handheld to find out how it compares with the others.

Nostalgia meets modern in our Retroid Pocket 2S review of this great retro gaming handheld.

In our GPD WIN 4 2023 review we compare the 7840U & 7640U models with some system and gaming benchmarks.

In our GPD WIN Mini review we take an overview of the technical specifications and special features including Oculink port.


Turbo charge your gaming handheld with the GPD G1 eGPU docking station benchmarks.

Ever wondered what is inside the GPD G1 eGPU docking station? Wonder no more as we perform a teardown right down to the GPU and RAM.

Over the coming months we will be seeing Oculink more frequently as the next generation of handheld gaming PC's will feature it. But what is Oculink?

This procedure will update the IC on your GPD WIN 4 to resolve the refresh rate bug that has been found in the past few weeks.


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