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OneXPlayer X1 Mini announced – Ditches the Intel Ultra 7 for the AMD Ryzen 7 8840U

ONEXPLAYER X1 Mini announce
ONEXPLAYER X1 Mini announce

The OneXPlayer X1 Mini was announced today , opting for a more compact design without compromising on power. This new handheld gaming PC is the little sibling to the original OneXPlayer X1, but it’s making its own waves with some distinct features and changes, especially in its choice of processor and form factor.

OneXPlayer X1 Mini Design and Portability

The OneXPlayer X1 shrinks the dimensions of the original OneXPlayer X1, read our full review here, making the portable gaming PC easier to carry and use on the go. Despite its smaller size, it maintains a robust build quality and ergonomic design that makes long gaming sessions comfortable.

OneXPlayer X1 Mini with keyboard and controller
OneXPlayer X1 Mini with keyboard and controller

One of the standout features of the X1 Mini is its versatility. It is marketed as a 3-in-1 device: a tablet, a laptop, and a handheld gaming PC. This adaptability is a significant draw for users who want a single mobile gaming PC that can adapt to different needs throughout their day, from working on documents to playing high-end video games.

Hardware Specifications

CPU and GPU Performance

At the heart of the OneXPlayer X1 Mini is the AMD Ryzen 7 8840U processor. This CPU features 8 cores and 16 threads, with speeds that can ramp up to 5.1GHz when needed. This is a departure from the Intel processors used in the larger X1 model, leaning instead into AMD’s architecture to deliver comparable, if not superior, performance in a smaller package.

OneXPlayer X1 Mini playing a game
OneXPlayer X1 Mini playing a game

The integrated GPU is the AMD Radeon 780M, which includes 12 compute units and reaches speeds up to 2700MHz. This setup ensures that the X1 Mini can handle a wide range of games, from indie titles that require minimal resources to more demanding AAA games that benefit from the high GPU clock speeds.

Display and Touchscreen

The display is another area where the OneXPlayer X1 Mini shines. It boasts an 8.8-inch touchscreen with a refresh rate of 144Hz. This high refresh rate is ideal for gaming, as it allows for smoother motion and better responsiveness—a crucial factor in fast-paced games.

The touchscreen functionality adds an extra layer of interaction, making the X1 Mini not just a gaming device but also a practical tool for browsing the web, managing files, and even doing some light content creation.

Storage and Battery

Swappable SSD

One innovative feature of the X1 Mini is its swappable SSD. This design choice offers flexibility for users to upgrade their storage as needed easily. Whether you need more space for your expanding game library or want to swap out drives for different purposes, this feature makes it a breeze.

OneXPlayer X1 Mini Swappable SSD
OneXPlayer X1 Mini Swappable SSD

Battery Life

The battery on the OneXPlayer X1 Mini is a 65Wh unit. This capacity is quite generous for the device’s size, ensuring that you can get around 2 hours high demand gaming and up to several hours of gaming in before needing a recharge. The exact battery life will depend on the games you play and the settings you use, but for most users, it should be ample for a good gaming session away from a power source.

Controllers and Usability

An interesting aspect of the OneXPlayer X1 Mini portable gaming computer is its detachable controllers which were also present in the original model. These can be used with the device itself or with a separate controller base unit, adding a layer of modularity. This feature is perfect for gamers who prefer a traditional controller feel or need to switch to a more compact setup while traveling.

OneXPlayer X1 Mini on the big screen
OneXPlayer X1 Mini on the big screen


The OneXPlayer X1 Mini handheld gaming computer is a robust addition to the world of handheld gaming PCs. It offers impressive performance in a smaller form factor, thanks to its AMD Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU. The high-refresh-rate touchscreen and swappable SSD are thoughtful touches that enhance its usability and flexibility. Whether you’re a gamer on the go or need a versatile device that can switch between work and play, the X1 Mini is worth considering, keep an eye out for our forthcoming review.

What do you think of the ONEXPLAYER X1 Mini? The change to AMD processor is great for gamers, would you buy one now?

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