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AYANEO Pocket S – Everything you need to know about this awesome handheld


AYA have released the full info on their forthcoming AYANEO Pocket S retro gaming handheld. Let’s take a look and see if it can potentially knock the current king, the AYN Odin 2, off its throne.

AYA NEO Pocket S Back and Front White and Black colours
AYA NEO Pocket S Back and Front White and Black colours

The AYA NEO Pocket S will be available in two colours; White and Black. The size has not been announced but we know the thickness is around 14mm and will weigh somewhere between 300-400g in the final model. It looks very similar to a mobile phone in design which is not always ideal for gaming on, so to combat this a grip case will be available that provides more comfort for your palms.

AYA NEO Pocket S grip case accessory
AYANEO Pocket S grip case accessory

The display is a 6″ 1440P IPS Mirror Screen that is touch capable. It will also be bezel-less giving a more immersive feel to the handheld. It has a 490 PPI pixel density, 120% sRGB colour gamut volume, 100% sRGB colour Gamut Coverage, 400nits Global Brightness and 6500K colour temperature.

AYA NEO Pocket S
AYA NEO Pocket S

The controls feature RGB Hall sensor analogues and linear hall triggers as well as the standard D-Pad and gaming buttons. The AYA NEO Pocket S supports triple-mode vibration with SoundTAPMagic, dual X-axis linear motors and Six-axis gyroscope. It will also include built in key mapping which was sadly lacking in the AYANEO Pocket Air model, review our full review here.

Powering the AYANEO Pocket S is the Qualcomm Kyro Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 with 8-cores with a 15W TDP. For the graphics there is the Adreno A32 GPU running up to 1Ghz. We know from the previous generation Snapdragon used in the AYN Odin 2 that it was a very powerful processor capable of even running some games on the Yuzu emulator. We expect the Pocket S to improve on performance with more higher demanding games on Yuzu running.

AYA NEO Pocket S
AYA NEO Pocket S

AYA NEO mention there will be up to 16GB RAM, so we guess there will be a 8GB and/or 12GB RAM option as well. There will also be 1TB of internal storage. The details on the types or RAM and storage have not been announced yet. We would also expect a micro SD card slot to expand the storage.

On our recent trip to China which included a visit to the AYANEO office, we had the opportunity to try the AYANEO Pocket S. We have a short video below showing some gameplay on the PPSSPP emulator and OutRun.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the AYANEO Pocket S again to see how it compares with the current king of Android handhelds, the AYN Odin 2. Keep an eye out for our full review as soon as we do!

AYANEO Pocket S Technical Specifications

CPUSnapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform 8-core Kyro CPU
GPUAdreno A32 GPU @1GHz
RAMUp to 16GB
DISPLAY6″ 1440P IPS Bezel-less mirro screen
CASE14mm thickness, between 300-400g in weigh
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