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 How to Fix GPD Pocket 3 Stylus Input

GPD pocket 3 Stylus
Last updated: 24 June 2024
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Some of you may be having issues using the stylus on your  GPD Pocket 3. If this is the case do not fret, you simply have to install this touchscreen update!

Don’t worry, we wont just leave you to do the update on your own! Here is a small guide so you can Fix the GPD Pocket 3 Stylus.

First, click this link to download the firmware update,

Then extract it by right clicking the file and clicking extract.

When you have done this, go into the folder and double click update_all_firmware.

Double click on update_all_firmware

After this, the update should begin and you are on your way to fixing the problem!

This process may take a few minutes, so do not close the window while it is happening.

Once the update process is complete you can reboot your GPD Pocket 3.

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