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DroiX End of Spring Sale: Unbeatable Discounts Await!

DroiX End of Spring Sale
DroiX End of Spring Sale

As spring comes to an end, DroiX is celebrating the season with an incredible End of Spring Sale that you won’t want to miss. Starting today, March 14th, and running through May 26th, this sale offers discounts of up to 59% across our entire store. Whether you’re a retro gaming enthusiast, a PC gaming aficionado, or someone looking for the latest tech accessories, this sale has something for everyone. Read on to discover more about the fantastic deals waiting for you!

Retro Gaming Handhelds: A Nostalgic Delight

Step back in time with our selection of retro gaming handhelds, featuring top brands like Anbernic, Retroid, Miyoo, and AYN. The DroiX End of Spring Sale includes must-have devices such as the Anbernic ARC, Miyoo Mini Plus, and the popular Retroid Pocket series.

Anbernic RG ARC-S ARC-D Linux Menus
Anbernic RG ARC-S ARC-D

For those seeking powerful performance, check out the Odin and Odin 2 by AYN. These handhelds are perfect for reliving your favorite classic games with modern convenience and performance. Don’t miss out on these nostalgic gems at unbeatable prices!

PC Gaming Handhelds: Power in Your Hands

For gamers who crave the latest in portable PC gaming, our sale features exceptional discounts on top-of-the-line devices from AYANEO, GPD, and ONEXPLAYER. Dive into the immersive world of gaming with the GPD WIN Mini, Win 4, and Win Max, or explore the innovative models from AYANEO and ONEXPLAYER.

TxK on Vita
GPD WIN 4 2024

These handhelds pack the power of a gaming PC into a portable design, allowing you to game anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of our End of Spring Sale to get your hands on these cutting-edge devices at a fraction of the cost.

Mini PCs: Compact and Powerful

Looking for a compact yet powerful computing solution? Our mini PCs from Minisforum, Beelink, AcePC, and DroiX are the perfect choice. Featured products include the high-performance UM780XTX, the versatile SER6 and SER5, and the DroiX UN100.

Minisforum UM780 XTX on the stand
Minisforum UM780 XTX on the stand

These mini PCs are designed to handle a variety of tasks, from everyday computing to intensive workloads, all while saving space. With discounts of up to 59%, now is the perfect time to upgrade your setup with one of these powerful mini PCs.

Accessories: Enhance Your Tech Experience

No setup is complete without the right accessories, and our End of Spring Sale has you covered. Discover a wide range of accessories from GPD, ONEXGPU, and DroiX, including the GPD G1 and ONEXGPU eGPUs, projectors, 4K portable monitors, Steam Deck docking stations, hubs, and USB 4 cables.

Mini PCs work great with the DroiX PM13
Mini PCs work great with the DroiX PM13

These accessories are designed to enhance your gaming and computing experience, providing the tools you need to get the most out of your devices. With incredible discounts available, there’s never been a better time to stock up on essential tech accessories.

Shop Now and Save Big!

Don’t miss out on the DroiX End of Spring Sale, where you can enjoy up to 59% off on a wide range of products. Whether you’re into retro gaming, need a powerful PC gaming handheld, or looking for high-performance mini PCs and accessories, we’ve got you covered. This sale is the perfect opportunity to grab the latest tech at unbeatable prices.

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