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65W USB Type-C Wall Charger for GPD WIN 3, AYA NEO

  • Up to 65W – Power Delivery (PD 3.0) and QuickCharge (QC 3.0) Compliant
  • USB Type-C for PD ; USB Type-A for QC
  • Designed for MacBook, Dell XPS, GPD WIN 3, AYA NEO, ASUS
  • Intelligent ID Chip Embedded
  • OverCharge,OverCurrent,Short Circuit,OverHeating Protection

In stock


In stock

With the 65W Wall Charger you can charge a PD and QC Device at the same time. (Note: Only by using the PD/USB Type-C Port alone it will output 65W). This GPD WIN 3 Charger is perfect for the GPD WIN 3.

  • Important: USB Type-A Output can output up to 20W if the Type-C is not used / USB Type-C Output can output up to 65W if the Type-A is not used
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