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ANBERNIC RG353P Retro Gaming Console

  • RK3366 Quad-core 64-bit Cortex A55 processor @ 1.8GHz
  • 1GB LPDDR4 RAM & 16GB OS with 64GB storage card
  • 4.95” OLED screen at 960×544 resolution
  • Supports 20 retro games consoles
  • HDMI output for display on big TV or monitor

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The ANBERNIC RG353P retro gaming console is inspired by the classic retro gaming controller design available in USA purple theme and Japanese & European colour themes.
The RG353P retro gaming console features a 3.5” IPS touchscreen display with a 4:3 640×480 resolution which is perfect for retro games. It is powered by the RK3566 quad-core 64-bit Cortext-A55 CPU with a frequency up to 1.8Ghz for high performance gaming.
There is 2GB of RAM and 32GB high speed eMMC 5.1 storage for both the Android operating system. And 16GB Micro SD Card for the Linux operating system. A second Micro SD Card slot is used for the game and file storage. The RG353P features a 3,500mAh li-polymer battery which lasts for up to six hours depending on the usage.
Gaming controls are particularly important and the RG353P covers all angles from pixel perfect D-Pad precision and 3D action clickable dual analogue sticks. There are four front facing gaming buttons, and on the top are shoulder and trigger buttons.
For wireless communication there is fast 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4/5G WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2. You can use this to connect to the internet for access to the Google Play Store, browse the web or watch videos on YouTube. With RetroArch and compatible cores, you can connect to other gamers online via WiFi and play your favourite multiplayer retro games.
If you are at home and want to play on a larger screen, the RG353P retro console makes this a breeze. Simply connect a compatible HDMI cable to your TV or monitor for big screen gaming. It works very well and looks great!
The RG353P retro gaming console supports dozens of your favourite systems including PSP, Dreamcast, PS1, CPS1, CPS2, Final Burn Alpha, NeoGeo, Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, MSX, PC Engine, WonderSwan and many more.
As well as emulation and retro gaming, the RG353P retro console supports Android apps meaning that you can download and install Android apps just like you would on your Android phone. This opens access to thousands of apps and games from the Google Play Store for example. The RG353P retro gaming console has built in screen mapping software which allows you to simulate screen presses via the built-in controls and makes gaming far easier than tapping on a screen.
The RG353P retro gaming console is the perfect choice for those who want to play their favourite retro games either while on the go such as your daily commute or want to kick back and enjoy some gaming on the big screen.


RG353P Dual OS .more choice , more fun RG353P OCA full lamination , multi touch screen RG353P full core upgrade RK3566 RG353P you can play PC games through moonlight streaming RG353P support 5G WiFI techology RG353P support users to download games in relevant formats RG353P support Web Multimedia You can play whenever and wherever you want , fit easily in your pocket RG353P RG353P lasting 6 hours enjoying your game time RG353P support HDMI output RG353P support 5g WIFI online play

Operating Systems (OS)
Primary (eMMC) Dual OS: Android 11, LINUX
Model RK3566 Quad-Core 64
# Cores 2
Frequency 1.80 Ghz
WiFi 2.4/5G WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
Panel Technology IPS Display
Size 3.5 inch
Screen Resolution 640 x 480
Memory (RAM)
Capacity 2GB
Technology LPDDR4
Storage (ROM)
Capacity 32GB (eMMC 5.1)
TF card max to 512GB
I/O Interface
USB Charging
Video HDMI
Audio 3.5mm Headphone
Capacity 3500mAh
Longevity 6 Hours (Depending on usage)
    RG353P package include
    • 1 * RG353P Console
    • 1 * User Manual
    • 1 * Screen Protector
    • 1 * Type-C Charging Cable