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Beelink MINI S Intel N5095 Mini PC

  • Energy efficient Intel N5095 quad-core 2.0Ghz CPU
  • Fast 8GB (up to 16GB @ 2933Mhz) RAM
  • Up to 256GB M.2 SATA 2280 SSD and internal 2.5” drive
  • Supports dual monitor 4K @60Hz via HDMI
  • Windows 11 PRO installed and ready to use

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The Beelink MINI S is a high-performance Mini PC with a budget price that is ideal for the home or office work environment.

The Beelink MINI S mini computer features the 11th generation Jasper Lake Intel Celeron N5095 quad-core processor running up to 2.0Ghz. It is an energy efficient processor running at 15W, meaning that it uses less energy than a traditional desktop PC which can run as high as 600W. It saves both energy bills and the environment.

The RAM and Storage are both very capable of meeting your daily workload. There is 8GB of fast DDR4 RAM, with a maximum of 16GB @ 2933Mhz, and a choice of fast 128GB or 256GB M.2 SATA 2280 SSD.

The Beelink MINI S office mini PC has two HDMI ports supporting up to dual 4K 60Hz display on monitors. It is great for multitasking on the Windows 11 PRO version that comes pre-installed and ready to use.

For data communications there is fast 2.4G & 5G 802.11 B/G/N/AC Dual band Wi-Fi providing up to 450Mbps on 2.4G and 1300Mbps on 5G. There is Bluetooth support for connecting wireless peripherals if required. For wired connection there is a gigabit Ethernet port for fast and stable data transfer on this home mini PC.

The Beelink MINI S has a small footprint and weight like and Intel NUC making it ideal for those with limited desk space. Whether it be in the home or office workplace, or travelling between offices for meetings or presentations, this mini PC is portable, lightweight and gets your tasks done!

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OS Windows 11
Security PIN/Password
Brand Intel
Model Intel® Celeron® N5095
Litography 10nm
# Cores 4
# Threads 4
Base Frequency 2.0 Ghz
Turbo Frequency 2.9 Ghz
Cache 3 MB L3
Graphics Processor
Interface Integrated
Brand Intel
Model Intel® UHD Graphics
Base Frequency 450 Mhz
Turbo Frequency 750 Ghz
DirectX Support
OpenGL Support
Intel® Quick Sync Video
Intel® Clear Video HD Technology
Intel® Clear Video Technology
Memory (RAM)
Capacity 8GB
Technology DDR4
Storage (ROM)
Capacity 128GB/256GB (Depending on the model purchased)
Technology M.2 SATA SSD
Ethernet 10/100/1000M Ethernet Adapter (RJ45)
Wi-Fi 802.11a/ac/b/g/n Module – Dual-Band
I/O Interface
USB 4x USB 3.0
Video 2x HDMI Port
Audio 1x HDMI Port
Power DC power port
    Beelink Mini S Package include
    • 1* User Manual
    • 1* Wall-mounted bracket
    • 2* HDMI Cable
    • 1* Power Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I got this mini...

I got this mini PC as upgrade to my old one which had basic specs and really needed upgrade after I had faced some performance issues post installation of heady graphics designing applications. While I was searching for a upgradable mini PC, found this and impressed with its specs - decided to give it a go. It arrived in a nicely packaged box and out of the box - to my surprise, this is way too compact than I thought which was great to see.

Its so small that it can be easily mounted on the wall behind Any smart TV.

Well, I use it now as plug and play PC for portable monitor as well as sometimes connect it to 77 inch smart TV at home when I want to use the bigger screen at comfort of sofa in the living room.

Talking about the spec 6GB RAM/128GB is a great combo - which is more than enough for my requirements now. I mostly connect it via Wifi and so far not faced any issues as such. Overall noice level is also definitely lower than my old mini PC. I have tried playing some 4K movies on prime and they do work smoothly and looks great as well.

In short - this mini PC exceeded my expectations. I don't have any complaints to share at the moment. Will probably update the feedback based on experience 6 months down the line.

So far based on my experience - highly recommended !!

Christopher Danks
I purchased the...

I purchased the Beelink Gemini T34 Mini PC to make a complete workstation out of the large-screen monitor, keyboard etc. installed so my wife could work from home in comfort and safety. Space being a major consideration, I opted for the smallest solution on offer.

I didn't expect much of it. The idea was that it would be a 'spare' computer. I was amazed when I first used it. So much in such a small package! It is a proper computer. And a decent machine. As good as any computer I have had. Fast, Responsive. Adequate for almost all purposes in terms of specification. A real treat to use.

Downsides? Graphic support is not the greatest, I can live with that given the way the machine is being used. Onboard storage is tight. But that's easily solved with an external drive. You certainly won't have any problem connecting it. The Beelink Gemini T34 Mini PC fairly bristles with options.


William Chipman
We hooked this ...

We hooked this up to our LG OLED 65" screen and a HD webcam for zoom meetings. Works like a champ.

I bought this f...

I bought this for our kid to attend the online classes and it's been almost 3-4 weeks since we started using it. We use it by connecting it to TV via HDMI Port and never faced any issues. This mini computer comes with PreInstalled windows 10 OS. When it came I was really surprised by it's size. Honestly before started exploring at these products I was never aware that computers started coming this small. Also the computer is very easy setup and it's as simple as just Plugging into HDMI Port , press start button and let the windows OS boot. First time when I was doing setup of this, I did not connect to WiFi network as mentioned in the Product Description and was able to setup and use with any issues. I never seen the computer getting heated up even after several hours of continuous use. I am not sure if the Performance is going to remain the same as I start installing more softwares onto this mini computer but for now I am happy with performance of this mini computer.