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Miyoo Mini Plus+ handheld gaming console

  • Powerful ARM Cortex A7 dual core processor @1.2GHz
  • Crystal clear 3.5” IPS display @ 640×480 resolution
  • 128MB RAM & 64GB storage – Up to 128GB Micro SD card
  • 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, 4-5 hours based on usage
  • RetroArch supporting over a dozen retro games consoles

Note: First batch of Miyoo Mini Plus+ sold out. Next batch expected beginning of May.


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The Miyoo Mini Plus+ is the latest handheld gaming console after the now impossible to get Miyoo Mini Plus. It is available in four colours; Grey, White, Transparent Black and Transparent Purple. 

The Miyoo Mini Plus+ handheld gaming console features the ARM Cortex-A7 dual core CPU running up to 1.2Ghz. With this power efficient but powerful processor you can enjoy your favourite 8 and 16bit retro consoles and games. The 128MB RAM may not sound much by today’s standards, but it is plenty to run consoles such as the PlayStation 1 with its 2MB RAM. 

The handheld gaming console comes with a 64GB micro SD card with the operating system. The Miyoo Mini Plus+ does support many classic systems and games for them so you can use up to 128GB micro SD cards if you wish to use larger.  

The 3.5” IPS display on the Miyoo Mini Plus+ is an upgrade from the original v2 model. The 640×480 resolution is idea for retro gaming as many of the original consoles can scale to this resolution or displayed natively on the gaming handheld consoles.  

The Miyoo Mini Plus+ has a comfortable to use D-Pad which gives pixel perfect precision for those games back then which demanded accuracy. There are four gaming buttons as well as a SELECT and START button. On the back of the handheld gaming console are four additional shoulder/trigger buttons which can be used for extra buttons or consoles that require more. New to this model is the built in WiFi which can be used for game scraping as well as online multiplayer on supported emulators. 

Measuring 4.25 x 3.07 x 0.8 inches (10.8 x 7.8 x 2.2 cm) and weighing 107g, it is a little larger than the original handheld gaming console, but it does mean that it is more comfortable to game on for longer periods of time. The Miyoo Mini Plus+ remains extremely portable, fitting into your pocket. 

The Miyoo Mini Plus+ is powered by a 3.5V 3000mAh rechargeable battery providing plenty of hours of gaming. The handheld gaming console is light weight and ideal for quick access while travelling on your daily commute or vacation for example. 

Brand ARM
Model Cortex-A7
Cores 2
Frequency 1.2Ghz
Display Size 3.5″
Technology IPS
Resolution 640×480
Technology Li-Polymer
Capacity 3000mAh
ROM(Storage) 64GB
Expandable MicroSD Card Up To 128GB
I/O Interface
USB 1x Type-C
Audio 3.5mm Headset
    • 1* Game Console
    • 1* USB Type-C Data Cable
    • 1* User Manual