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BiWin 2230 Steam Deck NVMe Storage

  • Compatible with the Valve Steam Deck, GPD WIN Max 2, GPD WIN 4
  • Up to 3200 MB/s Read | 2600 MB/s Write
  • 0.107ms Read Latency | 0.109ms Write Latency
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Garbage collection, TRIM & Modern Standby supported

In stock


In stock

The Biwin SSDAP425 Series utilizes a cost-effective, high-performance PCIe-to-NAND controller to manage a full PCIe Gen 3(8 Gb/s) x 4 bandwidth with the host while managing multiple NAND flash memory devices on 4channels.

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Random Read/Write IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second)
4K Read(Up to ) 348K
4K Write (Up to ) 295K
Maximum Sustained Read and Write Bandwidth(CDM)
Sequential Read(Up to) 3200 MB/s
Sequential Write (Up to) 2600MB/s
Latency(AS SSD)
Read 0.107ms
Write 0.109ms
Electrical Characteristics
MIN 1.30W
MAX 3.47V
Active (Read) 1.99W
Active (Write) 0.28W
Idle 14mW
    1 * 22*30 NVMe SSD