• Dual-Core Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2.8-inch, 4:3, 480p Screen
  • 2100mAh battery
  • Extremely portable
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From the makers of retro gaming handheld heavyweights such as the RG350, RG350M, and the RG351P, comes Anbernic’s latest entry into the field – the RG280V.

Sporting the well-known, proven-to-perform JZ4770 processor, alongside 512MB of RAM, the RG280V can handle the same games as its predecessors with no difficulty, ensuring a smooth experience across several generations of retro gaming history.

The main feature of the RG280V is its size. At 89mm x 78mm x 18mm, the RG280V is approximately half the size of its predecessor, making it the smallest RG handheld to date. Truly putting the “portable” in “portable games console”.

The RG280V boasts a crystal-clear 2.8-inch IPS screen, protected by a glass layer. At a 4:3 ratio, the RG280V lends itself well to many older titles, capable of playing them at a natural-looking resolution with no stretching!

Like its predecessors, the Anbernic RG280V runs the OpenDingux operating system, meaning there’s no shortage of community-developed emulators available for the device. Mix and match between emulators and games of your choice to craft a truly customized retro gaming handheld experience.

The RG280V also features the external-boot-SD improvements brought about by the RG350M, making it easier to adjust your setup (no more tinkering around with screws).

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Customer Reviews

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Alixedi (Hounslow, GB)
A new iPhone has nothing on this!

Who would have thought that taking a Single Board Computer with a (long in the tooth) dual-core processor, (just) 512 MB RAM, a (decent) 320x240 display and a (beautifully tactile) d-pad could reincarnate lost childhoods. Such a brilliant product!

M W. (London, GB)
Fantastic Pocketable Retro Console

Brilliant little retro console that’s perfect for people looking to emulate old school handhelds. More than capable of running most consoles up to the PS One. I personally use mine for Gameboy Colour and Advance games and love it as it’s easy to put in a pocket whenever I go out.

Shaun P. (Sale, GB)
Pocket Sized Fun

Running on the same software as the RG350 devices, the RG280V is a fantastic, pocket sized addition to the lineup that is great to pull out for moments at a time to play some classic games from NES to PS1. Very much recommended.

Daniel W. (Leicester, GB)

I love this little thing, it can emulate up to ps1 & below, like game boy, gba, snes, nes, fba, sega 32x/megadrive/cd, cp1, cp2, cp3, once you find the right way to grip it you can play for hours.
Hats off to droix aswel, excellent customer service & delivery only took 2 days to be delivered, I'm UK based

n830rc (Cambridge, GB)

I love that I can now play all the great retro titles that I use to love. The unit is very well built and I have the gold version that looks great. I'm more interested in this now over my ps4. The delivery was first class. I love this company and will buy again I'm sure from them.

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