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  • 2020 Hardware Upgrade – Aluminium Model
  • Premium Quality
  • OpenDingux Firmware
  • JZ4770 Dual-Core
  • IPS Display – 640×480
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The RG350M retro games console is an upgraded 2020 version of the best selling RG350 released in the later half of 2019. With it comes a metal alloy case, higher resolution display and a number of improvements.

The RG350M features the same JZ4770 Dual Core processor running up to 1.0Ghz with DDR2 512MB RAM. As we have seen with the RG350, it uses the OpenDingux operating system and is capable of running all of the popular retro gaming systems from the 70’s up to the 2000’s.

From here on is where the improvements have been made to the retro console. The first thing you will notice is the Aluminium Alloy casing available in Space Grey and Rose Gold. It gives the RG350M a real premium feel and look.

The 3.5” screen is a full IPS panel running at 640×480 resolution, an upgrade from the 320×240 found in its predecessor. The higher resolution means that retro games on older systems can be upscaled for improved visuals. And for the systems that run at higher resolutions, the visuals will not be squashed and make text easier to read for example. The display is protected by a Zero Distance OCA toughened glass cover.

The new case design on the retro games handheld brings the opportunity to improve a number of functions not found in the RG350. On the RG350M are now two external card slots supporting up to 256GB Micro SD cards. The first is for the operating system, you no longer have to open the case (voiding the warranty) in order to update to custom firmware. The second can be used for additional storage.

The location of the D-Pad and left analogue stick have changed position and are now lower profile after feedback from customers. Old gaming consoles were designed for D-Pad’s and as this is the primary function, the D-Pad can now be found above the left analogue stick for ease of use. There are four front facing game buttons, Start & Select, and four shoulder buttons. This means you can enjoy both old and new consoles with any control method.

A Li-polymer 2500 mAh rechargeable battery lasting up to 6 hours is included which should be plenty of time for playing your favourite classic games on the way to work, with plenty left over for the commute home on your retro console with games.

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Matte Black, Rose Gold, Space Grey

Customer Reviews

Based on 186 reviews
Jesse S. (Tacoma, US)

Only had for a week but all emulators works smooth and stable. Battery life is amazing as well. Thank you for this nostalgic treat. This is one amazing device for the price.

Will G. (Edmonton, CA)
Great system

This system is remarkable. It’s even better with open dingux with retro arch!

George T. (Washington, US)
It’s ok all Roms don’t function properly which is annoying and

It’s ok

Stu (Bilston, GB)
Great retro hand-held

This is the second retro gaming hand-held
I've purchased from droix and have to save I'm very impressed from the build quality to the software and ease of use.
Communication was great and helpful any questions answered everything explained clearly and delivery was fast ordered on a Wednesday received the rg350m on the Thursday. Would highly recommend and if you on the fence don't be this is a great hand-held.

V H.
Just short of Amazing

I’ve been blown away by how good this little machine is. Pocket sized emulation on a lovely looking machine for around £100...for me, that’s insanely good value.

From an emulation point of view, I only really use it for arcade, gba, dosbox, spectrum, scummvm, and snes, and it runs most of this stuff perfectly. I’m having trouble running some dos games but I’m not sure yet if that’s a settings issue or a hardware limitation (I think it’s the latter, or a slightly crap dosbox port). My machine’s audio has a few issues - it ‘pops’ when initially loading something, and the min volume (without headphones) is overly loud. These seem to be common issues and can probably be fixed with a firmware update.

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