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RG351M Case

RG351M Case

  • Quad-Core Processor
  • IPS Display – 320×480
  • EmuElec Firmware
  • 64GB Storage w/ Included 64GB MicroSD Card
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Package Includes
  • 1x USB Type-C Cable
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x User Manual

Key Features

3500 mAh Battery Key Feature
3500 mAh Battery

Bluetooth 4.2 Key Feature
Bluetooth 4.2

Wi-Fi 5 Key Feature
Wi-Fi 5

Latest in the lineup of retro gaming handhelds from ANBERNIC comes the RG351M, the successor to the ever-popular RG351P retro gaming handheld.

Featuring the Rockchip RK3326 clocked at a speedy 1.5GHz, as well as 1GB of DDR3L RAM, the RG351M is fully equipped to handle retro games from a variety of generations. Ranging from old arcade classics, all the way up to 5th generation consoles (PS1, N64, etc.), and 7th generation retro handheld (PSP, DS, etc.).

Sizing up at roughly 15.6×7.1×1.8cm yet weighing less than 300 grams, the Anbernic RG351M is a highly retro gaming console, and with a 480 x 320 IPS display, you’ll be able to enjoy high quality visuals in all your retro games, and with a respectable 3500mAh battery, you’ll be able to retro game for hours on end too.

Unlike its predecessor, the RG351M features a sleek aluminium metal shell, providing a sturdier, more premium feel during usage compared to its contemporaries.

The Anbernic RG351M features built-in Wi-Fi functionality too, enabling you to access a variety of features such as ad-hoc online multiplayer for retro games, curating box art for your library, and enhanced menu personalization.

Additional information

Operating System: No selection

Dual Boot: No selection


Dual Boot OS: No selection


Processor (CPU) Brand: No selection

Processor (CPU) Model: No selection

Processor (CPU) Max Frequency: No selection

Up To 1.50Ghz

Processor (CPU) Cores / Threads: No selection

4 Cores / 4 Threads

Graphics Card (GPU)
Graphics (GPU) Brand: No selection

Graphics (GPU) Model: No selection

Graphics (GPU) Max Frequency: No selection

650 Mhz

Resolution: No selection

854 x 480

Size: No selection

3.5 Inch

Aspect Ratio: No selection


Pixels/Inch: No selection

195 PPI

Touchscreen: No selection


Memory (RAM)
Memory (RAM) Capacity: No selection


Memory (RAM) Technology: No selection

Storage Capacity: No selection

64GB via Included Micro SD Card

Storage Expansion: No selection

1x Micro SD Card Slot, 1x Micro SD Card Slot (Used)

Storage Technology: No selection

I/O Audio: No selection

1x 3.5mm Headphone&Microphone Combo Jack, Speaker: Dual Speakers

I/O USB: No selection

I/O Video: No selection

Wi-Fi: No selection

Bluetooth: No selection

Battery Capacity: No selection

3500 mAh

Battery Life: No selection

Gaming: Up To 4 Hours

Battery Type: No selection


Brands: No selection

Colour: No selection

Matte Black, Space Grey

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Oleksii M. (Greenwich, GB)
Great device with some small issues

Build quality of device is great. Easy to handle and play. Metal case is very delightful in everyday usage. Great community on Reddit and in internet in general. At least three different UI shells available (all based on linux, so it is more UI stack than different OS). What is bad: wireless adapter (wifi) is external and works only when battery 60%+ or device connected to charger. Battery in general is ok, but device level support of battery (charging level or stable work if battery is less then 30%) is awful.

Tony S. (Shoreham-by-Sea, GB)
Brilliant little console

Loving this, my first retro handheld - far better than was expecting, should have bought in years ago!!

Chris E. (Todmorden, GB)
A brilliant and versatile device that's unbeatable for the price

The RG351M is a great, low-priced retro handheld for just about everything up to the PS1 (and slightly beyond, if you don't mind performance taking a bit of a hit). It works great right out of the box, and some very, very simple tweaks to the OS allow you to customise it to your heart's content. I highly recommend exploring 351Elec as the OS, and integrating both Screenscraper (for things like boxart and game videos) and RetroAchievements (if you want to add some additional challenge to your gaming).

For the price, this also feels incredibly premium. Buttons are responsive and provide good feedback, and the sticks work well. The d-pad is the only downside, with diagonal movements almost impossible to pull off effectively - hopefully something Anbernic can address in a future iteration.

Generally, I couldn't be happier with it.

Phil G.

A fantastic device from a fantastic company. I've bought a few items from Droix and their customer service is fantastic. On occasions I've had to send devices back which were exchanged with no quibble.

You can get different firmwares for the RG351m. The firmware I use is called ArkOS. The device feels premium in the hand.

T.M (Calgary, CA)
This completely crapped out on me after only 4 days of casual use!

Was going on a week long trip later this month and did some research on emulation devices. Since I love the Gameboy Advance, and the RG351M is especially good at playing GBA titles, among others, this was the one I went with. I liked the WiFi being built into the device as well as the affordable price point.

Things were fine at first when it arrived. I liked the build quality of it and the way it felt to hold. Good stuff. I didn't load a huge library of games on it. It ended up freezing on me a few times. On the 4th day of use, it froze again and corrupted some files. While I was troubleshooting that issue, the display/screen just stopped working entirely. I confirmed it was a hardware issue and not software through multiple methods.

I will say that Droix did offer to replace the device for me when I complained, but the fundamental issue is that these devices vary wildly in build quality and are ultimately unreliable. What if the next device crapped out on me while I was on my week long trip out of the country? Every time I use the thing, I'd be worried that it would freeze on me and I'd be forced to hard shutdown the thing. I didn't have the illusion that there wouldn't be any issues ever, but to have it totally **** out like that after only 4 days of casual use was pretty disappointing. I wasn't even doing anything complex when it last froze on me. It's ridiculous.

I wanted to like this device. You might get luckier than I was if you decide to go with one of these. Just keep that in mind, that your mileage may vary.

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