DroiX Note

The DroiX Note is a e-ink tablet comes with a 10 inch high quality writing screen that you can draw or write with the included stylus or your finger.
The DroiX Note is thin and lightweight making it easy to carry in your bag to school or work. It is great for the kids to play with, note taking, drafting and presentations.
By pressing the button you can erase the display and start fresh with a blank display, eliminating the need for using paper.


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Out of stock

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Convenience: If you accidentally lose your stylus, you can use any non-sharp object as its replacement, even your finger! You’ll never need to search for a pen or pencil again. So you can take it and use anywhere.

Versatile: Use in office, home or school, to write daily records, memos, notes, messages, calligraphy exercises, calculations, drawings, etc. High precision writing: writing fluency, 100% hard brush calligraphy effect, perfectly reflect your writing style.

Personalised: The DroiX Note LCD writing tablet’s pressure-sensitive surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push – just like paper and pen.

Quality: The writing tablet is built of durable plastic ABS, lightweight and compact. LCD screen life of up to 100,000 times. Safe for school use and all around the house, office and car.

Environmentally Friendly: Erase your image with the touch of a button. Paper can be used up quickly, the writing tablet runs for 3 years, then you only need to replace the battery. It will be your contribution to the preservation of forests, besides you save money on pens, rubbers etc. Let’s Save Papers, Save Trees, Save Our World!

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