REFURBISHED RG350M Handheld Game Console


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  • 2020 Hardware Upgrade – Aluminium Model
  • Premium Quality, look and feel
  • OpenDingux Firmware
  • JZ4770 Dual-Core
  • IPS Display – 640×480

Note: This product is a REFURBISHED Item, and the presence of a giftbox is not guaranteed. This item may or may not come with the original accessories and may or may not have cosmetic defects (Such as scratches,dents) This item was tested by DroiX Standards, and we guarantee it will operate as a brand-new item.

The RG350M retro games console is an upgraded 2020 version of the best selling 2019 RG350. It brings a number of improvements, including a metal alloy case and a higher resolution display.

The RG350M features the same JZ4770 Dual Core processor running up to 1.0Ghz with DDR2 512MB RAM. As with the RG350, it uses OpenDingux as its operating system and is capable of running all of the popular retro games from the 70’s to the 2000’s.

The Aluminium Alloy casing is available in Space Grey and Matte Black. It gives the RG350M a real premium feel and look.

The 3.5” screen is a full IPS panel running at 640×480 resolution. The higher resolution allows upscaling older retro games for improved visuals. And for the systems that run at higher resolutions, the visuals will not be squashed, making text easier to read. The display is also protected by a Zero Distance OCA toughened glass cover.

The new case design on the retro gaming handheld brings the opportunity to improve a number of functions not found in the RG350. On the RG350M are now two external card slots supporting up to 256GB Micro SD cards. The first is for the operating system, allowing easy access to customise/update firmware. The second can be used for additional storage.

The RG350M is designed to be low profile, with a great configuration for easy access. Old gaming consoles were designed for D-Pad’s. As this is the primary function, the D-Pad can be found above the left analogue stick for ease of use. There are four front facing game buttons, Start & Select, and four shoulder buttons. This means you can enjoy both old and new consoles with any control method.

A Li-polymer 2500 mAh rechargeable battery lasting up to 6 hours is included which should be plenty for playing your favourite classic games on the way to work, with plenty left over for the commute home on your retro console.

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Matte Black, Rose Gold, Space Grey

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