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GPi Case by RETROFLAG Handheld Retro gaming Console

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W
  • Portable
  • High Quality

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This product comes in the following configurations:

  • Case Only (Raspberry Pi Case)
    • Only contains the RETROFLAG GPi case. You must supply your own Raspberry Pi, SD card, and RetroPie installation.
  •  Prebuilt
    • The RETROFLAG GPi case comes pre-assembled with a Raspbery Pi Zero W and a 32GB microSD card with RetroPie installed

Play retro games on the go with the Retroflag GPi case which is based on the classic Gameboy DMG design. Measuring at 135*81*32mm, it is a little smaller and a little lighter at 178g. It is the perfect size and more comfortable to hold for extended periods of time than other handhelds. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W for the best speed vs size performance for retro gaming on Raspberry Pi.

The display is a 2.8 inch 320×240 backlit LCD which is ideal for retro gaming. The GPi display is large, bright and colourful. And, unlike the original Gameboy you do not have to sit under a light to see the screen! It is the ideal retro console with games!

There is a great D-Pad and four gaming buttons (as well as Start and Select) on the front of the case, and located on the back are two shoulder buttons. This gives the best compatibility with a range of classic gaming systems while not detracting from the case design of the retro games handheld.

Keeping with tradition the GPi case is powered by three AAA batteries, or you can use the supplied USB cable with your mobile charger or a phone power bank.

The Retroflag GPi retro gaming handheld can run compatible Micro SD Card images such as RetroPie with games, Lakka & Recalbox builds (all 3 are compared here).The RetroPie runs systems from the 70’s up to the 2000’s.

Please note that some systems are not fully supported and as such some games may not run at full performance. These may be improved in future updates to the software.

    • 1* RETROFLAG GPi Case
    • 1* Raspberry Pi Zero W - Installed (If purchased)
    • 1* 32GB MicroSD Card - Installed (If purchased)
    • 1* Charging Cable