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RG351MP Retro Console by ANBERNIC

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  • Rockchip RK3326 @ 1.5GHz
  • 640x480p IPS Display
  • 3500mAh battery
  • Coming with a Wi-Fi Adapter & Screen Protector

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The Best of Both Worlds – The RG351MP combines the best traits of the 351 family into one singular retro gaming handheld. Featuring both a sleek, aluminium shell, and a stunning 640×480 IPS display.

Game Across Generations – With the power of a quad-core Rockchip processor, the RG351MP can easily handle a huge variety of retro gaming consoles. 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit; the RG351MP has you covered!

Fully Featured – The ANBERNIC RG351MP features the full gamut of gaming inputs available. With A/B/X/Y buttons, a D-Pad, L1/L2 and R1/R2 buttons, as well as dual clickable analogue sticks. The RG351MP is a handheld gaming system with all checkboxes ticket.

Take It Online – With support for an external Wi-Fi adapter, connect your RG351MP to the internet and take advantage of numerous features, including automated metadata scraping (to organize your retro games collection) and online achievements (via RetroAchievements).

Perfectly Pocket-sized – The RG351MP makes the best portable games console thanks to it’s small size (with a thickness of less than 2cm approx.) and light weight (approx. 267g).

It’s In the Cards – The RG351MP features a dual-microSD card design, allowing you to store your games on one card, and your operating system on the other. Making it easier than ever to manage your games.

Brand RockChip
Model RK3326
Cores 4
Frequency 1.50 Ghz
Graphics Processor
Interface Built-in
Brand Mali
Model G31-MP2
Display Size 3.5″
Technology IPS
Resolution 640×480
Technology Li-Polymer
Capacity 3500mAh
ROM(Storage) 16GB (Dedicated to the OS)
Expandable MicroSD Card
I/O Interface
USB Charging
Video HDMI
Audio 3.5mm Headphone
    • 1 * 64GB Micro SD Card
    • 1 * Screen Protector
    • 1 * USB Wi-Fi Dongle
    • 1 * USB Cable
    • 1 * User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Marius Čeilytka

ANBERNIC RG351MP Retro Gaming Handheld

Al Malhi

I highly recommend the service from DrioX. Super fast delivery with fantastic customer service. The Anbernic RG351MP is great handheld for playing all your retro games. With its premium feel and sharp screen it’s a must for all you retro fans. Top marks !!

Very Impressed

When purchasing a handheld I gave myself a small budget of £100-£150. I wanted something that had good build quality, something that didn't have the usual plastic feel. Emulation wise I have spent countless hours in the past configuring emulators and controllers so decided I'm over this, I wanted something I could just pick up and play. I wanted the ability to emulate mostly 16bit consoles and anything above this was a bonus. The RG351MP has achieved this above and beyond, I am extremely pleased with this handheld.

Emulation wise I have been playing Mega drive and SNES mostly, with the quality screen and aspect ratio these looks awesome. I have also loaded some PS1 and PSP games, PS1 works flawlessly but as to be expected PSP is hit and miss. I did have great results playing the PSP Need For Speed games though, these had no lag at all. I have also tested Atari Lynx, game boy original, advance and colour all seem to work great. I have a large collection of N64 which I'm yet to test.

If you have a huge ROM collection like myself I recommend purchasing a larger SD card, I went for a 256GB but I have seen people use 500GB. I also purchased a new SD card for the OS and loaded on the latest version. I also recommend downloading the latest software from ambelec web site and installing this. I was unable to get it to upgrade so i installed a fresh copy instead. The new software comes an improved UI as well as new features such as cloud saves. Another amazing feature on this device is the ability to run other engines such as anything that runs on ken Silverman's build engine (duke nukem 3d, blood, redneck rampage etc.) as well as other engines like Doom, quake and diablo. I hope they continue to build on this feature.

Just wanted to also add I ordered the device and it arrived within 3 days.

I ordered a case too, I recommend leaving it outside to air for a bit as it has that chemical smell you normally get from new mattresses. I left it outside for a few hours and there is no smell after.

All this for just over £100..... amazing! I have already recommended this to a number of friends.

Antton S.
Good product, but a minor defect

This handheld itself has been great and I enjoyed using it. It is a bit on the heavy side so it might get tiring to hold it sometimes.
The build itself feels like a very good quality and with firmware updated to 351elec it works perfectly apart from one issue.

I had a problem with the TF2 port. It stopped reading the SD card randomly, and regardless of my efforts to try and fix it, the problem persisted.
I noticed that some other people have had similar issues with the product, but it did not seem that anyone was able to fix it.

Great little handheld

This is my first dedicated retro handheld and I'm blown away by it. The metal enclosure feels premium and gives it a nice weight (not too heavy, but you probably wouldn't carry it a shirt pocket). Everything I expected to work has done, and even some games I expected not to work have done better than I thought. For example, Jet Set Radio for dreamcast even seems playable (although it does have minor hitching). Every PS1, SNES and GBA title has been flawless.

Also I was plesently suppried by the inclusion of a 64GB SD card for games, which I don't remember being mentioned in the product description (although I may have just missed it).

I can't comment on the default out-of-the-box experiance as I flashed AmberElec on it before I even turned it on, but that's so easy to do there's no reason not to.

Minor negatives: the wifi dongle is a bit unweildy with the USB C to A adapter. I only use wifi for scrapping and transfering games, so it's not been a big deal so far.

The lack of bluetooth conectivity for audio is also a shame as I no longer have any wired headphones.

Despite these minor gripes I'm going to leave the review as 5 star, because I knew about both of these issues before I bought it, and (so far) it's delivered everything it promised to.