MinisForum EliteMini X500

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G/ Ryzen 7 5700G @ Up to 4.4Ghz/4.6GHz cTDP: 45-65W
  • Up to 32GB Dual-Channel DDR4, 1TB NVMe
  • Radeon™ Vega  Graphics w/ 7/8 Cores
  • Dual Monitor,  4K@60Hz
  • WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.1, USB 3.1

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Package Includes
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x User Manual

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Key Features

AMD Radeon GPU
AMD Radeon

AMD Ryzen Processor
AMD Ryzen

Bluetooth 5.1 Key Feature Icon
Bluetooth 5.1

Multi Display Output

Wi-Fi 6 Key Feature
Wi-Fi 6

Mini PC ready for Windows 11 Update
Windows 11

MinisForum EliteMini X500 Ryzen Mini PC - Shown with Dual-Display Output
MinisForum EliteMini X500 Ryzen Mini PC - Shown with Dual-Display Output
MinisForum EliteMini X500 Ryzen Mini PC - Shown with Display Output
MinisForum EliteMini X500 Ryzen Mini PC - Shown with I/O Ports
MinisForum EliteMini X500 Ryzen Mini PC - Shown with Wi-Fi feature

The Power of Zen 3 – The X500 gives you the option to choose between a cutting-edge AMD Ryzen 5 5600G and AMD Ryzen 7 5700G APU, which grants it access to the efficiency and performance of the Zen 3 architecture while also being supported by the Radeon graphics suite. The result is a mini desktop, perfect for gaming, streaming, office work, and more. 

Magnificently Mighty Memory – This Windows 11 small form factor PC features dual channel DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM, running at frequencies of up to 3200MHz, Ensuring highly stable performance  

Stupendously Superior Storage – At it’s core, the X500 features a blazing fast M.2 2280 NVMe SSD for storage. This can be further expanded by an additional M.2 2242 SATA 3.0 SSD (up to 2TB), and a 2.5-inch SATA 3.0 HDD. Because of this, the MinisForum X500 excels at being a home media server, among other use cases. If that’s not enough, a microSD card slot is also present for transferring photos and other files. 

Game, Stream, Play and Work in 4K – With both a HDMI 2.0 port and a DisplayPort interface, improve your productivity or just binge twice as hard with two 4K displays simultaneously. 

Plenty of Ports and Peripherals – This AMD mini PC features four USB 3.1 ports as well as a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack, and separate LINE OUT/HP OUT outputs. This is combined with built-in Bluetooth 5.0 functionality to easily allow all manner of wired and wireless perhipherals to smoothly, seamlessly function with the unit. 

No-fuss Networking NUC – The X500 features not one, but two gigabit ethernet ports alongside built-in Wi-Fi 6, providing flexibility and stability whether you prefer to go wired or wireless with this box pc. 

Additional information

Operating System: No selection

Processor (CPU) Brand: No selection

Processor (CPU) Model: No selection


Processor (CPU) Base Frequency: No selection

(Ryzen™ 5 5600G) 3.90Ghz, (Ryzen™ 7 5700G) 3.80Ghz

Processor (CPU) Max Frequency: No selection

(Ryzen™ 5 5600G) Up To 4.40Ghz, (Ryzen™ 7 5700G) Up To 4.60Ghz

Processor (CPU) Cores / Threads: No selection

(Ryzen™ 5 5600G) 6 Cores / 12 Threads, (Ryzen™ 7 5700G) 8 Cores / 16 Threads

Processor (CPU) TDP: No selection


Graphics Card (GPU)
Graphics (GPU) Brand: No selection

Graphics (GPU) Model: No selection

Graphics (GPU) Max Frequency: No selection

(Ryzen™ 5 5600G) 1900 Mhz, (Ryzen™ 7 5700G) 2000 Mhz

Graphics (GPU) Cores: No selection

(Ryzen™ 5 5600G) 7, (Ryzen™ 7 5700G) 8

Memory (RAM)
Memory (RAM) Capacity: No selection

16GB, 32GB

Memory (RAM) Technology: No selection

Memory (RAM) Speed: No selection

3200 MT/s

Storage Capacity: No selection

256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Storage Expansion: No selection

, ,

Storage Technology: No selection

I/O Audio: No selection

1x 3.5mm Headphone&Microphone Combo Jack, Input: 1x 3.5mm Microphone Jack, Output: 1x 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Output: 1x 3.5mm HP Out

I/O USB: No selection

I/O Video: No selection


Ethernet: No selection

Wi-Fi: No selection

Bluetooth: No selection

Brands: No selection


Configuration: No selection


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Philip M.
Only had it a couple

Only had it a couple of weeks but seems to be a good bit of kit well pleased

David F.
Wanted a small pc and

Wanted a small pc and that’s what I got

Milan V. (Prague, CZ)
Great seller

Fast and quallity service!

Rob G. (Letchworth Garden City, GB)
Powerful, a little loud, disappointing wifi

The box comes with no specifications about what type of RAM it supports, nor what model of NVMe card it comes with. Dismantling involves undoing 4 screws, but actually removing the panel involves some wrestling -- and same again to get it back together. I feel it could be better designed.

The wifi antennas that are built-in to the box do not perform well. The X500 got considerably worse wifi signal than an Intel NUC sat next to it. Since there are no connectors on the back of this unit for antennas, to remedy this I'll need to drill a hole in the casing to get some pigtails through.

Unfortunately this box comes with Windows pre-installed, so I wrote over that immediately with Linux. Seems generally stable, except for what seems to be a problem bringing the HDMI-connected monitor out of standby.

The fan noise is noticeable. When idling it's certainly a lot louder than, say, an Lenovo X1 carbon's fan, or an Intel NUC's. There does not appear to be an option in the bios to adjust the fan speed, so you are stuck with this.

That said, it is a way of getting a quite beefy CPU in a small enclosure, which is what I was looking for.

Thomas W. (Edinburgh, GB)
Fantastic mini PC - but buy a separate HDMI cable

- The 6 core processor is powerful enough to deal with any productivity work (Excel/Powerpoint/2gb+ file manipulation) - full-size PC performance in a box this size is awesome!
- The iGPU is powerful enough to play most emulated games up to the Wii - major retro-gaming session!
- is dead quiet at idle and low load

- No USB-C ports - You will need adaptors for any USB-C accessories you may already have
- The fan can sometimes get a little loud if you're stressing the CPU & iGPU at the same time, although if the PC is behind the TV or a desk you'll struggle to hear it
- The bundled HDMI cable is SHOCKING; I initially thought the PC was defective when I started using it as I could see "snow" (small transient white dots everywhere) on the screen when running at 4k60. Turns out it was the HDMI cable that came with the PC was at fault; switched it out for another cable and the PC performed flawlessly.

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